Chapter 4

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^that pic is so fucking relatable^

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(Y/N)'s POV

I ran over to my tent, now freezing cold.

"Those fucking assholes... and to think he actually had a good side..." I kept mumbling as I stepped inside the tent. I walked over to my bed and grabbed my duffel bag to find some clean clothes to change into.

I took out some sweatpants, some t-shirt and a oversized (F/C) sweater and threw them over on top of my bed, slowly walking over and peeking outside the tent to see if anyone was heading over here.

When I saw that the coast was clear, I stepped back a bit and closed up the tent, walking back over to my bed, quickly taking my wet clothes off. I struggled taking off my hoodie, since it kinda got stuck on my head... yeah... don't judge me. Yeah, I'm looking at you, whoever is creepy and weird enough to spy on me changing- (Random 4th wall break?)

-EHEM- ANYWAY, (ok I'll stop now) After a minute or two of struggling, I finally managed to take my hoodie and shirt off. I looked down and noticed my thin body, letting out a sigh. I shook my head as I put on my shirt and sweater. Since I was too busy changing, I didn't hear or notice the tent being opened.

Max's POV

I just stood at the entrance to the tent with my  mouth wide open in shock.

'Since when was (Y/N) so damn skinny? He's thinner than paper! I could have sworn he had at least a bit of weight considering the hoodie he had... wait... oh... I see what this is...'  I quietly frowned, which was a bit surprising, even for me.

'Wait... I'm not actually concerned... am I? Wait- of course not. I don't care about this. I don't care about anything. Well, that's what I would usually say... but this feels different. I've already been enough of an asshole... so what? Max, no. Stop being so fucking rude and help for once goddammit.'  As I was 'casually' getting lost in my thoughts, I completely ignored the fact that that (Y/N) was still changing. I decided to step closer, only to freeze in place once I noticed him taking off his pants, to change into his clean ones.

I quickly turned around, covering my face. It felt weird... like... warm.

'Dammit, Max. Snap out of it. Just... go and... apologize...'  I took my hands out of my face and turned around again. I sighed in relief when I saw he had put some pants on again. I opened my mouth as if I were to speak, but nothing came out. I decided it was best to leave for a bit, but unfortunately couldn't thanks to (Y/N) 'casually' turning around and seeing me.

"M-Max?!" He shouted, startled.

"Dammit. Why do you follow me everywhere?! Are you here to make fun of me, yet again?" He grumbled angrily.

"W-wait..." (Y/N)'s face suddenly turned red. "E-ehh... You didn't see me change, right?" He laughed nervously.

I looked away, a faint light pink was spread on my cheeks.

"Err... About that..."  I quietly mumbled.

I looked over to (Y/N) to see him blushing madly, probably from embarrassment. Well, who can fucking blame him? I was the one who walked into... ew... I sound like a fucking pedophile...

"A-Anyway..." I randomly stuttered, breaking the silence.

"Look, I'm sorry if I was being an asshole-"

"Oh, so now you apologize? Right after annoying me all day, and making fun of me? Seriously?" (Y/N) complained, crossing his arms.

"(Y/N), just... I'm sorry, alright?" I tried apologizing again, but no avail. Damn. Neil's advices suck.

"Why..." I heard (Y/N) mumble. He was looking down at the ground, clenching his fists.


"Why..? Why me? Why have you been annoying me all day? Why not bother someone else? Do I look that stupid to you?" I could hear his voice breaking. Was he... crying..?

"(Y/N), I..."

"Whatever. I'm just gonna sleep..." (Y/N) quietly sighed, cutting me off. He wiped his tears from his face and went over to his bed to lie down. I sighed, lying down on my own bed and getting lost in my thoughts.




'Why did I only annoy him..?'




-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I've literally been working on this little by little and I think it looks ok. Well, there you go. I'm sorry for taking so long, I've just been all over the place lately, since school has been a bit tough. Anyways, I hope you guys are enjoying this story so far. Until next time!-

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