Chapter Twenty

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#1 in ballerina, I can't believe thisss :)))))
Please vote and comment and do all those good things! Your support is really really really important to me!

#1 in ballerina, I can't believe thisss :)))))Please vote and comment and do all those good things!  Your support is really really really important to me!

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"I've never been cool and I don't care. I hate all that."
-Simon Cowell-


P.O.V Rose Elizabeth

When I was a little girl, my favorite part of the day was to be woken up by non other than Harry kissing my cheek and singing nicely in my year. I would always wake up with a smile and the rest of the day would be special. Everyday beside Harry was special, even though I spent practically every single day during those four years, when Harry and Georgina were with me, with him.

No one could understand my adoration for Harry, not even my uncle or Georgina. I always thought Harry was a misunderstood genius. Everybody thought he was cruel and cold, but I saw a godly figure in him. There was not a thing that I didn't like about him, I used to appreciate every single movement of him, even the simplest ones. I wanted to have dimples like him, I wanted to have fun like him, I wanted to laugh like him, I wanted to have a lot of friends like him, I wanted to sing like him, I wanted to be smart like him, I wanted to run like him, I wanted to have a cool accent like his. I wanted to be like him, he was my true idol.

And he was conscious about how much I admired him, so he kept the worst things about him unknown from me, apparently. He thought I didn't watch him when he used to go to the garden to smoke that weird thing that I now recognize as pot. But when I was younger I didn't know what was that, since it was a bit different from what my parents used to smoke. What happened? One day curiosity was too strong and so I walked towards him in the garden, I asked what was he smoking and Harry told me it was just something to relax him. Then, I asked him to try since I was stressed because of the hours I spent dancing. He chuckled and promised me that one day he would let me try, not that day because I was only eleven. Harry promised me that when I turned sixteen he would let me try to have a smoke.

Surprise, in my sixteen birthday my idol was in Manhattan, working to become a businessman while I was spending my birthday with uncle, a few of his siblings, Harry's grandparents, Liam, Patty, some of our maids and no Harry or Georgina. I thought about his promise when I was cutting the cake and how much I missed him and his sister. I was angered because I couldn't get mad at them, I was just sad.

I suppose that's the way I am. I never get mad at anyone, even if they deserve it. I'm not angered with my parents, I'm just hurt about what they did to me. I seek no revenge towards them or Harry. I have no doubt that I would forgive them all without a thought, including uncle for leaving me as well.

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