Abhivaish meet

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(sid, abhi, sumu, bhavya, sallu, and vishu are already in the party when tunu, avu, rosh and reem reach there. and go inside. while faisu and jannu sneak in after them and mix up)

abhi: the girls are here!

tunu: hiiii abhi, sumu, bhavya, and sid!

sid: kesi hai tunu?

(that day at lunch everyone had become really good friends so refer to one another by names only)

tunu: main sahi houn

reem: nice house haan sid and abhi

(party is organized at pool side only)

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(party is organized at pool side only)

abhi: thanks but iska poora credit hamari mom ko jata hai!

avu: kahan hai aunty? hamay milao na

bhavya: actually woh ghar per nahi hain aj

rosh: ohhh! so chup chupke party i see!

sumu: nahi nahi chup chupke kuch nahi. she knows

reem: then good.

abhi: i want you all to meet someone

avu: who?

abhi: sallu idher aaa.

(sallu comes)

abhi: ya so this is sumus cousin saloni and she will be joining all of us tonight.

avu: hi saloni im avneet

tunu: and i am tunisha

reem: im reem

roshni: im roshni.

sumu: and you already know the boys abhi, sid and bhavya

avu: and hume bhi tu wohi bol sakti hai jo to dosroun ko boltay dekhay. matlab hamaray nicknames.

sallu: cool

sid: anyways you guys enjoy. main dosray dostoun sey mil kay ata houn.

(everyone dismisses to enjoy the party. jannu and faisu are trying to stay in the corner and not get noticed much. just then nidhi and vaish also reach and come in. Nidhi wanted to fix her makeup and so needed to visit the washroom. the nearest room is Abhis so she and Vaish go to Abhis room and Nidhi goes into the washroom and Vaish sits on the couch. on the other side, reem is gone to bring drinks for Avu and her and seeing Avu alone Abhi goes and sits with her)

Abhi: hi avu! akele kyun bethi hay?

avu: woh reem is gone to bring drinks

abhi: oh can i sit?

avu: apka hi ghar hai bhai beth jao!

abhi: bhai? chal only you can call me bhai

avu: and why is that?

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