Chapter 36

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I slowly walked in, Jake slamming the door once I was.  Even though I was afraid to turn around, I did.  Jake had his arms crossed and he looked angrier than I remember ever seeing.

"What is going on?"  He asked, trying to stay calm.

"Jake, please don't get mad."

"Mad?  Oh, I'm way past mad, I'm furious!"  He yelled, flinging his arms up.  "What were you thinking?  Are you even thinking?  What are you doing, I told you that you couldn't see Harry anymore!"

"Why not?  I don't understand why I can't hang out with him, Jake.  Especially since you know him and how he is!"

"That's the point!  I know him!  I know that he tends to date a lot of girls and break their hearts, and I don't want you to be one of those girls!  He's going to break your heart and I don't want that for you!"  Jake explained.

"He wouldn't do that to me, Jake!"  I argued.

"You don't know that."

"Maybe not for sure but nothing is for sure.  I do know that he cares for me, that he has feelings for me, and I have feelings for him as well.  Why can't you see that?"

"I do see that, I'm trying to stop it!"

"You can't stop love, Jake."  I lowered my voice, glaring at him.

Jake shook his head, a small grin but his eyes still filled with anger.  He walked closer to me, making me take a step back.  "What you two have, isn't love.  It's just a fling."

I had tears forming in my eyes from his words.  How could he say that?  "You know, you said you don't want to see me get hurt, but you're the only one hurting me!"  I snapped, my voice cracking at the end before I hurried upstairs to my room.


I watched as Caroline went upstairs, probably crying now.  I sighed and ran my hands through my hair.  AM I doing the right thing?  By keeping her safe from Harry, it seems like I'm the bad guy.  I am hurting her, but it's for the best.  They're gonna leave one day for tour and I know that will break Caroline for sure.  Maybe Harry won't find another girl while he's with Caroline, but he will definitely leave her.  And then what?

My phone buzzed in my pocket, making me take it out and find a text message from Harry.

Harry:  We need to talk, mate.

I sighed, knowing he was right and texted him back.

Me:  I know, meet me tomorrow after work

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