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I felt the tears rush to my eyes, already falling over the bottom lids. I didn't want to look like a baby but I still had feelings, dead or not.

Ayden began to realize how the words came out, but it was too late. I started running out of the apartment while he yelled for me to come back. I kept going through the city and ended up at the edge of the forest. I picked up my feet again, sprinting into the dark forest cluttered with tall trees.

I ran until I felt far enough inside the depths of green that nobody could find me. I stopped and fell to my knees, hugging myself. I took a deep breath to regain my sanity. "I should've seen it coming. He hasn't changed. How could he change so easily?

I felt cold and hollow inside. I had never felt like this as an angel. It was a new feeling in this state. I looked over at a tree and sighed. It was no use crying over him. He made his choice and it was most likely the best for us. I couldn't be with him anyway, at least not without losing my job.

Why was Ayden so afraid of love?

I looked around the forest and noticed the eerie energy that surrounded me. How far had I ended up inside the woods?

I stood back on my feet and spun around, watching the fog creep in.

It had come out of nowhere, which only meant one thing. Goosebumps covered every inch of my skin when a deep voice came from behind me, "Well, it looks like we found ourselves an angel..."

I turned toward the voice and saw a man standing there, dressed in dark attire. A few more emerged from the trees and surrounded me. I didn't stand a chance against all these fallen angels. "You're just mad because you chose hell over heaven." I narrowed my eyes. "That's on you."

"You've only been an angel for a short time. Don't pretend to know our story," the leader said, stepping closer.

I put my hands behind my back, holding my hands together. "Then why do you care about me? What have I done to you?"

"Sweetheart, we have had a feud since the beginning. Good and evil have always been against each other. That's the beauty of evil. You don't have to do something to make us act upon our sinful actions. We just do it anyway." He smiled cunningly at me.

"What do you want with me? I'm already dead and I failed a mission. Ayden is going to be all yours. Let a girl pity herself in peace, please." I had actually said please to the bad guys, but that was just my lame attempt at getting out of this.

He came over to me, closing the space between us until it became nothing. "Because an angel in sorrow is only the best target. This is exactly what we live for. Well, you know what I mean." He chuckled.

"You saw what happened. He's already going to be yours. I failed. Go to him. Don't come to me." I realized what I had said, feeling guilty. I was being selfish.

"That's more very nice of you to save your own soul over his. I thought you said you loved him." He leaned over me.

I backed away, only to run into another angel. "I..."

"We may be evil, but we knew love once. Love is true. It never ends. Love is selfless. It is patient. It is kind," he quoted. "If you truly loved him, you wouldn't be here. You would be worried about his safety."

"I can't think... My nonexistent heart is in pain. I'm in pain and it's hard to properly think." I rubbed my head.

"Love doesn't require thinking. It just is." He shrugged and grabbed me.

I struggled. "Get your filthy hands off me!" I yelled.

He chuckled and pushed me to start walking. "Not with that attitude."

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