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Taehyung (17 y/o) x Jungkook (16 y/o)

Enjoy :)


*Jungkook's POV*

I'm standing in front of my mirror right now. Checking my outfit as well as fixing my hair.

I need to look extremely fine cause guess what, i'm going to hang out with TaeTae hyung.

Taehyung and i have been bestfriends for our whole lives. Our parents were already bestfriends before we were born.

So you might think, why would you check your outfit and hair so extremely like that when you're bestfriends with Taehyung your whole life?

Well it's because i think i have a crush on him :) but unfortunately he doesn't like me back :(

And no i'm not being blind and shit, i know he doesn't like me back cause he can't stop talking about this girl named Soyeon.

*Soyeon from (G)i-dle*

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*Soyeon from (G)i-dle*

Seriously sometimes i just wanna shout that he has to stop talking about her but i'm a nice person so i just keep my mouth shut and listen:)

(a/n people belike when i'm talking about Kpop xD)

I'm putting on my shoes and coat and shout to my mother 'I'm going to hang out with Taehyung, bye!' And she shouts 'Alright honey don't be late for diner!' back.

I walk out of the house and start to walk towards Tae's house, cause we decided to hang out there.

After walking for 10 minutes i arrive at his house and ring the doorbell. Not late after Taehyung opens the door.

'Kookieeee~!' He says, he always calls me that and i'm not complaining.

'Hey hyung!' He pulls me into a bro hug, wish it was more than just a bro hug :/

'Come in it's kinda cold outside.' He says and pulls me inside.

'It's spring tho..?'

'Whatever i think it's cold.' I chuckle and put off my shoes and hang my coat on the coat rack.

'We're home alone, my parents are working. So wanna play overwatch? Bet i'm gonna win this time.' he says in a challenging tone.

'Watch me.' I say back as we both laugh, god i love his laugh, and ran upstairs to his room where all the computer games are.

After playing overwatch for like, i don't even know how long, probably a few hours, we're laying on Tae's bed eating some snacks.

'Ey, you remember that girl Soyeon? You know the girl i like?' He asks, oh i wish i didn't remember her.

'Yeah i remember.'

'Okay okay so i think i'm gonna confess my feelings towards her.'

'Yea- wait what!?' I was ready to say my usual answer 'yeah' but then i realize what he just said.

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