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"Yeah hold on one moment," Justin paused his phone call to yell at his brother, "Shawn, stop running in the house like I told you before." Justin scolded Shawn who was looking around for his helmet so he could go skate boarding with his friends.

Justin taught him how to skate board and told him to always wear a helmet, even though he himself didn't wear one. Shawn threw a fit one time because Justin told him he couldn't skate without it and Shawn had told him he was being a hypocrite.

Justin pretty much told him to "do what I say, not as I do." And the rest was history, for now.

"Sorry!" Shawn called out from underneath the table. 'Nope, not there,' He thought and sighed. He bumped his head as he was crawling out. "Ouch!"

Justin flinched slightly at the noise and looked over, "You okay there, kid?" He asked in a concerned tone. Shawn grumbled and sighed, "Yeah I'm okay."

"Seems like you need to wear a helmet in the house too." Justin joked, sighing and going back to his phone call. Shawn went back to looking for his helmet so he ran upstairs, annoying Justin further.

"Didn't I just say no running in the house?" Justin yelled out again and heard a faint 'sorry' from Shawn's room. "I feel like a dad, man." Justin said to his manager on the other side of his phone.

Shawn rummaged through his room for his helmet and huffed in annoyance, "Where is it?" He mumbled and continued his search for it. He raised his hands in triumph when he found it on the side of the dresser with his hockey stick.

He grabbed it and happily ran downstairs towards the door, "Justin I f-ah!" Shawn yelped as he tripped down the stairs and hit his ankle on a step pretty bad.

Shawn quickly held it and bit his lip, trying his hardest not to cry but those tears made their way down. His ankle hurt like crazy, "Owww!" He whined, a partial cry.

Justin shot up and ran towards Shawn and crouched down near him. Justin frantically checked on Shawn to see what was hurting him and noticed Shawn was clutching his ankle.

"Shhhh, shhhh," he murmured to the now sobbing teen and rubbed his back. "This is why I said don't run in the house, god." Justin scolded him in frustration. Shawn looked at him and nodded, still crying.

Justin sighed and moved Shawn's hand out the way to check his ankle, which made Shawn freak out. "No don't touch it!" Shawn yelled, terrified Justin would make it worse.

"Do you want your butt to hurt too?" Justin warned and Shawn shook his head no and wiped some of his tears, letting out a small sob. "I can't see with your pants on, take them off." Shawn looked at Justin with annoyance in his eyes but he wanted his ankle to feel better.

"I can't stand up," he sobbed. Justin simply undid Shawn's pants and gently pulled them off so he could see his ankle. It didn't look as though it had any marks or discoloring which was a good sign.

"Wiggle your ankle." Shawn sniffled and obeyed, wiggling it with it having slight pain. "You probably just bruised it a little, honey. Come on, let me put some ice on it." Justin helped guide Shawn to the couch and had him sit down.

Shawn sniffled as Justin went to go get ice to put on his bruised limb. Justin put the ice in a towel and wrapped it up and pressed it on Shawn's ankle, making him whine and a few more tears fell.

Justin's heart ached at his brother's face and kissed his cheek repeatedly to distract him from the pain. "Shh, baby it's gonna make it feel much better."

Shawn sniffled and nodded, snuggling up against Justin who pulled him into his lap and cuddled him, holding the ice gently. "I should spank you for disobeying me so many times when I told you not to run but I think this is punishment enough," Justin smirked and kissed Shawn's red cheek again.

Shawn whined, "I'm sorry." He mumbled, holding Justin's hand. Justin rubbed his back before grabbing his hand again, "Just listen to me next time and I think we may need to have you wearing protection in the house and I don't mean condoms." Justin laughed out loud as Shawn blushed furiously.

"Justin you're so gross!" Shawn's stomach began to turn slightly. Justin gave his bottom a love tap. "And you're so cute," he murmured and tickled his side, making him blush.

Shawn leaned on his brother and rocked in his gentle hold, Justin hummed in Shawn's ear as they cuddled together.

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