Chapter 21

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AN : I know y'all are probably not expecting this but a story without twists and turns? Nah sorry. Not my thing.


Jennie's POV

Once Lisa had recovered and the summer had ended, Jin and I returned home only to be summoned back to Thailand a few weeks later.

Marco, Jin's dad, had a heart attack. He passed away unexpectedly.

Since the day of the incident down the river, Jin had made the effort to be a present father and husband. I had no idea how he had suddenly come to terms with his responsibilities but he apologised for leaving me alone so much and promised to be there more.

I held his hand as we approached the house. I could tell that the tears in his eyes were threatening to spill over again. It was going to be a very tough week for the entire family. As soon as he stepped out of the car, Taehyung hugged him. They held onto each other for a few moments before letting go. Taehyung's eyes were bloodshot and puffy. You could tell he had been crying. Rosé was next, followed by Carol. I didn't want to intrude so I gave them privacy.

"Where's Lisa?" I asked. I was surprised that she wasn't here to see Jin.

"Over there" Taehyung said, pointing towards the house.

"She's not taking it too well" Rosé added.

"Drinking?" I asked.

"No" Rosé said, shaking her head. "She hasn't even cried yet. It's like she doesn't accept that it happened. She won't talk about it"

"Where's Irene?" I asked.

"She can't be here. She's recording right now" Rosé answered. "They've been fighting a bit the past couple weeks anyway. I think they might be on a break or something" She added.

"How's he?" Taehyung asked, referring to Jin.

"He's okay. He's sad and a bit shocked." I answered. 

I watched as Taehyung walked away towards Jin and their mother. The three of them embraced and I could tell they were crying. I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked away.

"She needs you Jen" Rosé said as she glanced over at Lisa.

I watched as she took a drag from a cigarette. "Is she smoking?" I asked, slightly shocked.

"Yeah..." Rosé trailed off.

I continued to watch Lisa as she paced around on the porch. She flicked the cigarette butt out into the yard and blew out one last cloud of smoke. She looked over in my direction and stared for a few moments before disappearing into the house.

"It's not my place anymore Chaeng. I have to keep my distance. You know that"

"She still loves you Jennie"

"I doubt it Chaeng" I sighed.  "Drop it"

"Let's go inside" Rosé said as Jin, Taehyung and their mother headed towards the house. 

"Where's Grace?" Taehyung asked.

"She's with my parents" I answered.

He nodded. "I miss her"

"You should come visit"

"I will"

The rest of the afternoon was spent sorting through some of Marco's things. Carol wanted each of them to take some things to remember him by. However, Lisa refused to have anything to do with it. It was as if she had become lifeless too.

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