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"Who am I supposed to be cheering for?" I ask Michael while we are seated on Brandon's couch.

"To be honest, I don't like either of those teams but it's going to be an interesting game." He shrugs.

"But you have to pick someone." I enquire.

"Nah, I'm good." He says again.

"Who you pick?" I yell asking Brandon this time.

"Boston!" He smiles.

"Ok, then go Boston!" I fake a cheer.

"Raptors are gonna beat them." Josh interrupts and I roll my eyes.

"You can't just up for one second can you?" I question him.

"Here they go again." Lonzo sighs.

"Let's play a game where you two shut up and the one who speaks first has to do whatever the other one says for 24 hrs," Michael suggests sitting back on the couch.

"No way." We both say in unison.

"It looks interesting, to be honest," Kyle speaks.

"I have a new one if Boston wins then Josh has to do whatever Genesis says and if Boston loses then she will have to do whatever Josh says," Lonzo suggests.

"I like that one." Josh smiles.

"I don't cause we just want them to shut up not fight over the game too." Brandon lays out.

"You know what, why don't we all shut up and watch the game, the first one who speaks gets punished." Kyle comments.

"Sounds good," I say.

"Sure." Brandon and Michael agree.

"That's it, 4 want that, democracy, we win. Case closed." Kyle speaks and puts the volume of the TV louder while we all shut up.

❥ ❥ ❥

The game is about to finish with 6 seconds left, the score is 118-117, Boston is losing and I'm about to lose my head too, I deadass want them to win to annoy Josh.

As Kyrie Irving dribbles past the half of the Raptors defense and he shoots a double which went straight into the ring. I get up from my seat yelling. "Bitch we won!" I point to Josh.

"Yeah, and you lost." Michael enquires and everyone laughs.

"No, the game is over. The game was not talking till the end of the game, now it's over." I explain.

"Sis, you spoke first, take that L," Zo says.

"The fuck? No." I start to get pissed.

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