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Katie's pov
My whole body jilted up and I could see and move again, I looked around the room to see no one. I shout to a nurse to ask what happened to me and she explained everything, she also mentioned that a boy had visited me everyday and had only just left. 
Did he come and see me, probably not why would he.
A few hours later I was told I could leave but to take a few days off school to rest. As I got home I decided to text Gelo and let him know I was home, as soon as I sent that text he FaceTimed me asking if he could come round and see me hitch I agreed to.
When he arrived I told him were the spare key was and he let himself in, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and before I knew it he was at my door looking at me with a huge smile. He walked over and before anything he kissed me with so much passion I felt safe when I was around him, and I loved it. We pulled away and I immediately pulled him into a tight hug, I heard him sniffling indicating that he was crying. " I thought I lost you" he said into my neck as we hugged.
That day we watched movies  ate food and cuddled. I drifted off to sleep in his arms and but before I fell asleep I heard him kiss my head and say " I love you".

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