Chapter Six

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"Are you going to the capital?" I asked. The very first talk I initiated with Nikolai. I climbed down the short staircase of the front house and walked towards him giving a meter of distance between us.

The coachman opened the door of the black carriage. He gave us a short glance before he went to the front of the carriage.

     Nikolai looked at the Moon Roses on my hands as he replied, "Yes. There's an emergency meeting came up in the Capital and my presence is needed."

I nodded and invited myself inside the carriage. Nik stared at me with a frown on his face. "Come now, husband. We don't want you to be late."

He glared at me and stepped inside, sitting on the other side. The carriage moved. I couldn't help but mouthed a 'wow' as I looked at the window. He seated not in front of me nor on my side but he sat 45 degrees away from me, I felt like shit the way he acts.

"What did you say?" He asked. Now he was looking at me directly with cold eyes.

I felt my right eye twitched. I gave him the sweetest smile. "You know my question is answerable of yes or no. You don't have to give me your bullshit excuses." I raised my hand before he could speak and continued. "We both know why you are going to the capital, my faithful husband."

     If a glare could produce lasers I'll be dead by now with two holes bore in my face.

After a moment of receiving dagger of glare from him, he then looked at the window at his side with a composed face. "I don't know what you are talking about."

Playing dumb now, huh.

I leaned back still staring his handsome profile. I knew he could see my reflection on the window. "You really think of me as if I am stupid?" He gave me a side look. "Tell you what, the gods had given me a sight this morning that my husband will visit my pitiful sister who's as of now laying on her bed for exerting herself in my wedding day." I placed my hand over my chest giving him a grateful look. "I'm really blessed that you got a golden heart there, husband, although you looked cold-hearted bastard."

     His full attention was on me. Did he think that looking at me like a predator will scare me? I imagined scoffing. Yes, I looked a prey trap in a box with a predator that could snap my neck with one hand but not an ounce of fright was within me.

     Ignoring about the sight-bullshit that I said, he spoke tilting his head, "Coming from the Ice Flower Princess."

     This person was getting on my nerves. Avoiding my retaliation and accusations. Not good, I'll snap in a second and I'll be losing to him. I calmed myself and once again smiled. "Touché. But aren't we perfectly match together? Two cold face couple. How lovely," I said dreamily.

My act did the trick, he gave me one last glare and looked beyond the trees at the window.

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