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Arms crossed, I sneaked a glance at Mike.
The discontent on his face was evident and his stance was strong, hands on his hips.
" Just admit I'm right " he growled.
Eyes rolled I said, " face it Wheeler, you're wrong. "
He stepped closer to me, his dark eyes staring directly into mine. His eyes were cold, compared to the loving looks he'd given me not even an hour previously.
" Mike, come on,  just give it up. You're wrong. "  I stepped closer to him.
" I'm not. "
" You are. "
" No way. " He leaned down towards me, his mean stare meeting my eyes.
" Mike! Just face it, Grease came out in 1978, not 1980! " I said, my tone mean now. 
Mike rolled his eyes and shook his head.
" You're unbelievable. " He said. His tone sounding different in a way.
" Unbelievably right. " I remarked.
Mike looked at me, something in his eyes changing. His look shifted from discontent to a more needy look of lust.
I bit my lip, noticing how close we are to each other.

His eyes flickered down to my lips. It was like a magnet had drawn us together as he roughly placed his lips on mine. His hands found their way to my waist, mine traveling to his shoulders, eventually wrapping my arms around his neck.
He kissed me passionately, as if this was his last time he'd see me. The few times he's done this it always takes me by surprise. It's like something just overcomes him. It's intriguing the way he just changes, it makes me shiver to think about it. That I can make him feel that way. That I, a plain and dangerous girl, somehow can make him love me.

I felt electricity all throughout my body. A tingling sensation deep in my stomach.
He makes me feel this way a lot. He's just so beautiful, so incredible. Once I get a taste of him I can't get enough. I fall deeper in love with him each passing moment.

He tightened his grip on my waist pushing me back against the wall, his jeans pressing on mine. His tongue found its way around my mouth.
I moved away after some time, needing air, I looked at him.
His lips were plump, his mouth slightly parted and his eyes focused on mine. The way he looked at me made my whole body twitch in anticipation and I felt like I was going to melt beneath him.

He placed his hands under my thighs, lifting me up and bringing us to his room. I used my powers to lock his door, he sat on the bed, gripping my waist and pulled me onto his lap.
He pressed his lips to mine again, we made out for a little and his hands travelled up my shirt, I gasped and he was quick to reconnect our lips. Everything happened so quick. It was hot and cold and soft and intense.

After pulling off our shirts his lips travelled down to my neck, I could feel as he started to bruise my skin with his mouth, I moaned softly, unable to keep it in.
He smiled against my neck and kept going, one of his hands moving to my thigh, he trailed it higher and higher until he reached my zipper.
He looked at me and I nodded, he unzipped my pants and stuck his hand beneath my underwear as he kissed me again.
My breathing hitched, the feeling of him on me made me feel so..so fired up.

His fingers moved in soft circular motions against me, our lips moving in sync.
His movements started getting faster and I moaned against his lips, the sensation taking over my body. God how he makes me feel, it's indescribable.

A few minutes later I could feel myself getting close and my moans had grown more frequent, I shut my eyes tightly as his fingers moved fast and I could feel myself finishing. The amazing feeling was so internal and emotional, yet physically overbearing too, I could feel my whole body shaking and I bit my lip.

God he makes me feel so good. And God he's so hot.

Mike pulled my pants off, his fingers trailing over my underwear.

" Mike..." My heart was racing, I felt warmth throughout my whole body.

He looked at me, a look of concern on his face.
" I'm sorry, was that bad? "
I couldn't help but laugh and shake my head. He's such a dork, my dork.
" Mike, it was amazing. "
" Are you sure? Because I don't want to make you uncomfortable or do something wrong or anything.."
I kissed him and unzipped his jeans, I could feel as he relaxed into me, I felt relieved.
I don't want him to feel like he's not good enough or doing something wrong.
He's brilliant.

He pulled away and looked at me, he was about to say something but I interrupted.
" Take them off " I said, glancing to his jeans and back up to him. He complied silently and pulled them off.

I could tell he'd felt more confident as he pulled me onto his lap, I kissed his forehead, moving down to his nose and then his cheeks.
I went to kiss his chin when he grabbed my face, kissing me harshly. He held my face and slowly started to move his hips against mine.
I could feel his bulge through his boxers and felt my face heat up.

He moved me off his lap after a little, allowing himself to pull his boxers down. He reached over to me, pulling my underwear down,
" God El...you're so wet.." he murmured, pulling me onto his lap. His words made me feel even more turned on, as if that's even possible. The way he could make me feel so purely and innocently loved to how he could make me feel so pleased in this way..wow...

I moaned as he guided me down onto him. His hands on my waist, steady helping to lift me up to come down again, I shut my eyes as my head rolled back. And I thought this couldn't get any better, well surprise El, it sure as hell just did.

~ time skip to after ~

I looked over at Mike, feeling the blush on my face and the satisfaction through my body, I examined his expression. I could tell he felt the same, like he was on cloud nine. Well that makes two of us.

His body turned, facing me. I looked at his bare chest, down to his legs, a pair of sweatpants on his long and slender frame. He was looking at me, his long t-shirt on my short body, covering me.

He looked at me, placing a soft kiss to my lips
" I love you El " He said quietly, a small smile present.
" I love you more..but..."
" But? " He questioned, his eyebrow turned up.
" You have to admit it. "
He laughed, " no way "
" Please Mikeyyy " I egged on.

" Fine " He faked annoyance, hiding a small smile " You're- "
" You're right. " I interrupted, placing a soft kiss on his lips.
Sure I'll admit he's right, even when he's not, he just has to work for it.

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