A little tipsy

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Age : 16

- M I K E -

El had told me she'd be out with Max all day, which is fine but it meant I'd really miss her and also be totally bored all day.
Sure I could've hung out with the boys but I just wasn't feeling up to it, I've been pretty down lately due to pestering I get from some stupid kids at school and all I really want is to see El.
But I'm not the kind of guy that's possessive and doesn't let their girlfriend do anything, I'd never be that guy, they're douches. So instead I had a lazy day, laying on the couch and eating snacks. I cuddled up to a pillow which of course was nothing compared to El but made me feel a little better, and I switched to a channel that was playing a decent looking scary movie.

" Worthless "
" Try too hard "
" Sad excuse for a boy, never mind a man "
" Undeserving of love "
" A pretty girl like her could never love a stupid fag like you "

Their taunts swirled through my head like a dolphin gliding beautifully through the ocean.
However this was far from beautiful, I stared at the TV, thoughts pounding, tears in my eyes I wouldn't dare let spill.
Boys don't cry Mike, boys don't cry.
I kept telling myself that but as each of the cold and unforgiving minutes passed it just got harder.

Then I felt two hands cover my eyes, two small hands that I know for a fact fit perfectly into mine. I smiled, putting my hand's over my Yes indeed, very beautiful girlfriend's hands and moved them. I turned to look at her and she had a silly grin on her face
" Mikeyyyy " She dragged out, I laughed and held her hand as she walked around the couch and came over to me. She used her powers to move the pillow out of the way so she could rest on her designated spot on my chest.
Or so I thought
She looked at me and sat on my lap, her legs straddling me, wrapping her slender arms around my neck. 

I looked into her eyes as she stared into mine, her gaze flickering from my lips to my eyes again, she was being a lot more obvious about it than usual, not even able to cover up at all that she was in fact staring at my lips.
She leaned forward, forcing her lips against mine as I held her waist.
She smiled against my lips, eventually laughing, she was so overjoyed and I just couldn't figure out why. I looked at her and as she lost her balance a little and started to fall backwards but I caught her. She laughed even more, not fearing her almost fall.
That's when I knew there was something strange going on, if that'd happened yesterday I would've been calming her down right now and probably still for the next few minutes. Although El is super strong, she's still really timid. And I don't blame her, she's gone through enough to ruin a grown man.
" Babe " she said in a whispery tone, pressing her forehead to mine. She never calls me babe, did Max really change her this much in a few hours?
She rested one of her hands on my chest, trailing it down, she got to my stomach before I grabbed her hand
" Um El there's something different about you "
I said, looking at her.
She giggled " I might have had a few shots " she said, her voice fading at the end.
I sighed, of course.


Mike's eyes dropped, his lips forming a slight frown and he sighed.
Why is Mike making that weird face?
" El you shouldn't be drinking, it's not good for you " He looked concerned.
Last time I drank I was super sick the day after, but this time is fine. It's different, right?
" I'm fine baby " I said, looking at him with a small smile.

Mike looked up at me, his face unimpressed.
He's sooo hot. I could feel myself basically foaming at the mouth, I wanted him, all of him.
I kissed him forcefully, putting one of my hands in his hair, he kissed back but pulled away after a few seconds.
Ugh why won't he just make out with me?!
" El, we shouldn't. You're drunk. "
I rolled my eyes, " I don't care, I want you Mikey "  I kissed him again but he pulled away.
Jeez what the hell has gotten into him?

" Stop, you aren't yourself when you're drunk. Let's just cuddle okay? How about that? You need rest. " Mike said.
That's better than nothing so I nodded, he placed his hands under my thighs and got up, carrying me upstairs to his room.
I really hope we fuck, I don't wanna just cuddle.

Mike carefully placed me on his bed and turned on his TV, switching to a channel with something that seemed interesting, or so he said.
He slid in next to me and pulled me closer to him. I take back what I said, cuddling isn't that bad after all. I wrapped my arm around him, laying my head on his chest as his hand trailed over my waist, resting at my hip.

I felt a sudden surge of warmth through my body and looked up at him to see he was already looking at me, I met his gaze and after a few seconds he leaned in carefully, kissing me.
I hummed quietly as I kissed him back and swung my leg over his thigh, moving on top of him.
He grabbed my waist with both of his hands and pulled from the kiss, moving down to my neck. I bit my lip as he got lower, kissing and sucking on my sensitive skin.
He'd gotten low on my neck when I couldn't hold it anymore and I moaned loudly. I could feel his smirk against my neck as he kept going, he lifted his head to kiss me again, this time more forcefully and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

The whole ordeal had lasted no more than a few minutes but it left me feeling all sparkly and bubbly inside, I love it.

I rolled back next to him, breathlessly reclaiming the position of my head resting on his chest gently, listening to his fastened heart beat. Knowing I'd caused the fast pace didn't fail to leave a smile on my face. My body felt warm again as he left his hand on my waist.

" You taste like alcohol " Mike said, a tinge of disgust in his voice.

" You love it though "




Hey guys, I'm sorry it's been so long! I'm always so busy now, life is stressful. But I hope you enjoyed this!

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