Steve Trevor- Plan (c)

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Sometimes you hated working with Steve Trevor. Granted he was one of your closest friends and he also was the reason you got a consistent wage that far surpassed the money you received as a secretary beforehand. As soon as the war hit, you were certain you wanted a better role in it, and as you were not to be hired to work on the frontline and had no medical knowledge so couldn't be a nurse, you were more than willing to work unofficially for the war aid.

Steve's team was mismatched, and you were uncertain how all of them ended up working together but somehow, they worked. The other men doubted your abilities and role in the team, but you pulled your weight and worked just as hard, if not harder than the men.

Today was one of the days that made you doubt why you got into your line of business. It certainly wasn't uncommon to be down an alleyway with Steve, listening to his plan as he tried to make it seem as though it was genius. You however were reluctant to go along with this plan.

"Take off the jacket," He demanded, holding a hand out to receive it.

A glare stuck on your face as you unbuttoned the large coat, gloomily handing it over to him. You had left your hotel room with the large jacket on to hide your attire, but Steve's plan didn't include it being there. Underneath you had worn a common outfit you had worn when you were a secretary, but with a couple of changes. Your blouse was buttoned lower than you'd like, and your skirt was pulled up higher than you'd want too. When you had looked in the mirror, you had instantly thought yourself a floosy; Steve however thought your outfit was perfect.

"You are going to do perfectly," he smirked.

"If you don't realise where my eyes are, I will break all of your bones," you huffed.

His eyes instantly shot up to yours, an embarrassed expression on his face.

Steve let out a cough to clear his throat. "Do you understand the plan?"

Your eyes rolled. Steve had explained the plan to you more times than you'd want to count. It seemed as though he believed it was a complex plan, but really anyone could have understood the plan after one explanation.

"Yes. I go in, flirt with the guard, swipe his card and leave," you sighed. "It really isn't that complex."

"It's genius," he retorted.

"More like signing my death certificate. I doubt this guard is going to be stupid enough to fall for this," you frowned. "So, if I die, I'm going to haunt your arse."

He let out a laugh. "Now go use your womanly charms to get us into that building."

Once more you rolled your eyes but this time you went off to do your task, hoping it didn't end up killing you.


Written by Charlotte.

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