Chapter 66.

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"Now I need your help with everything that I do
I don't want to lie, I've been relying on you"


We're on a double date.

I'm fairly sure Harry is sitting there trying to figure out how to make a noose out of his napkin.

It's Saturday and he's taken the night off from the club, and I asked how he can just do that whenever he wants.

He said that his bar staff and security are more than capable of handling it, and he knows enough people there that if anything happened they would handle for him to, if worse came to worse they'd just call him.

I think he's praying for that phone call right now.

He really shouldn't have told me he would do anything for me, because when Jimmy rang Harry asking us to go out with them tonight that was my first request.

He's not a happy camper about it.

We're at a bar in the city, where they also do food, I really can't picture Harry, Steve and Jimmy in a restaurant.

The place is dim and full of questionable looking people, and I've noticed that just seems to be the kind of places these three prefer.

Steve and Jimmy look beside themselves with excitement that we're here, and it's so sweet, however Harry as been sat glaring at the table like he wishes he could set it on fire.

I think somewhere deep down he's enjoying it, he'd just never admit it in front of them.

I've been the one keeping up most of the conversation with Steve and Jimmy, Harry only chiming in to grunt an answer or glare at them, if he's not telling Jimmy to shut up when he makes a teasing comment at him.

God they act like bloody siblings.

"Oh!" Jimmy says suddenly, looking to Harry with a mouth full of corn chips "Before I forget, I dropped some more stuff off for you yesterday - you weren't home, just left it in the basement"

I look to Jimmy confused as Harry stiffens in his seat across from him in the booth we are sat in.

Jimmy is oblivious looking back to his nachos and shoveling them into his mouth, Steve just looking at him shaking his head.

Harry boots Jimmys leg under the table making him yelp and scowl at Harry, and I look between both of them even more confused.

Harry looks ready to jump across the table and strangle him, as Jimmy glances between my puzzled expression and Harrys furious one before making an awkward 'oh'  of realisation with his mouth and shoving chips slowly in his mouth with a sideways glance.

What am I missing here?

I look at Harry, who hasn't taken his eyes off of Jimmy, and crease my brows tilting my head.

"You have a basement?" I ask curiously.

I thought the only part of that building Harry owned was his actual apartment, I had no idea there was a basement there, or where it is but I would just assume it was the bakeries if there was one.

Harrys jaw tenses as he glances at me.

"Yeah" he says bluntly, not intending on elaborating.

I peer at him, knowing this behaviour from him and wonder why a basement is something to want to kill Jimmy over mentioning.

And what the hell is Jimmy dropping off in there?

I look at Jimmy, who is looking off to the side, still eating corn chips like he's pretending he's not there.

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