Ch. 2 Part 6

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3rd Pov

one by one, they all dropped their bikes onto the pavement next to eddie's house. mike was the last one to drop his bike because he grabbed y/n and stood with her on the lawn.

bill and richie got mrs k while the rest of the kids stood on the lawn. they all hoped that richie could smooth talk mrs k into not screaming at them all.

bill knocked on the door, cautiously. about a minute later, the door swung open to see mrs k stood at the door, in track pants and a sweatshirt. "where's eddie?" she mumbled, raising an eyebrow.

"you know, you're looking real nice today, mrs k." richie fake flirted, leaning in the doorway, sheepishly.

bill groaned as everyone mentally face palmed themselves. mrs k had a annoyed expression on her face. "are we done here? where's eddie?"

richie began fiddling with his fingers. "we kinda got attacked and..."

bill and richie moved themselves and pointed to an injured eddie stood on the lawn. mrs k's face grew horrified as she met the gaze of his broken arm.

"you monsters!" she growled. she pushed through richie and bill and stomped to her son. bill and richie ran onto the lawn.

without hesitation, she grabbed the back of his neck and shoved him into the passenger seat of their car as she yelled "you, you did this! you know how delicate he is."

"w-w-we were attacked–" bill started.

"don't! don't try and blame this on anyone but yourselves!" mrs k screamed, pointing at each of the kids.

suddenly a wave of nausea, hit y/n like a brick. she began stumbling but mike caught her. "are you ok?" he whispered to her as he managed to stand her up. eddie's gaze was fixed on y/n. he then remembered he didn't give her the note yet.

"i don't feel so good, mike." y/n whispered back. eddie watched as y/n's state grew worse and worse by the second. he wanted so bad to help her but he knew that he couldn't.

   "take deep breaths. you're gonna be ok." mike whispered to her. y/n quietly thanked him as they continued to watch the scene unfold.

   mrs k began walking to the car when she dropped the car keys.

   "here." beverly muttered as she bent down to grab the keys.

   "get back!" mrs k demanded. beverly moved back a little as she grabbed them, in a cocky manner. when she stood up, she gave beverly a devious look as she mumbled, "oh, i've heard of you, ms marsh. and i don't want a dirty girl like you touching my son."

mrs k ignored the fact that there a girl whose entire shirt was bloodied and there were slices and cuts on her. she always knew that there was something about y/n. "she hurt eddie." was all that pushed the thought of helping y/n out of mrs k's mind.

"eddie is done with you all." mrs k snarled.

y/n's dizziness hit worse then ever as she said that. there was a tight feeling in her chest and she was paler than a ghost. her knees buckled and her eyes drooped. she tried to fight the faint feeling that was quickly taking control of her body but she couldn't continue fighting it.

y/n felt her body shut down as she blacked out. "grab her!" bill yelled as y/n began falling. bill and mike grabbed the unconscious girl before anyone else could react.

   tears rolled down eddie's cheeks at the sight. he felt so helpless.

   "you gotta help her. take her to the hospital with eddie. please." richie begged mrs k.

   mrs k considered it for a second but quickly denied it. "i'm not letting a skank in my car and thats final." then she swung around and waltzed to the front seat of the car.

mrs k was quite pleased with her decision. she smiled to herself as she stomped her foot onto the gas pedal and speeded off towards the hospital, leaving the kids that weren't only focused on y/n, awestruck.

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