13th Jan 2013

11.30 am

I’m standing infront of my closet debating with myself over what to wear. I’m supposed to meet Harry and Zayn or “Zarry” as they say over for lunch at 12 and I’m still not ready yet. Finally my eyes set on a light blue ruffle top and a white knee length skirt. I pop in for a quick shower and then slip into the chosen clothes. I brush my hair and tie a loose pony. After applying the makeup I slip into my black boots. I take one final look in the mirror as I grab my wallet and phone and shove it in my bag and head out.

I park my car by the sidewalk and jump out. I cross the road and walk towards the tall glass building. The doors slide open and I step in to find myself in the reception of a five star hotel, the place is huge with a concierge standing at his table at the centre, couches randomly strewn across the large area. I spot the two massive elevators at the right and make my way towards it. I walk into one of the elevators and I’m taken straight up to the terrace. As I walk out I find myself standing outside KARMIC-7. It’s a fancy restaurant with light music playing in the background. The interior is in done in shades of greys and blues. People are all formally dressed in suits and dresses. I feel kind of out of place in my not so formal attire. I walk in and give my name to the guy behind the table standing by the door. He checks his list and then leads me to one of the corner tables by the balcony. The view below of the city is breathtaking.

“Mr Malik and Mr Styles will join you in a short while ma’am” the man says in his thick accent. I notice his name is “Cedric” from his name tag. I answer him with an ok and smile. Cedric leaves me as he gets back to his desk. A couple of minutes pass before I see the tattooed guys walking towards me. Zayn’s dressed in a plaid red button up full sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled upto his elbows and a pair of blue ripped jeans paired with high top sneakers. His hair styled and his trademark quiff is up again. Harry’s clad in a dark blue v-neck shirt with black blazer and dark skinny jeans paired with brown boots.

“Hi.. sorry we’re late” says Zayn as he hugs me.

“No problem” I say as I pull out.

Harry pulls me next into a side hug.

We sit down and the waitress brings us the menu.

“Uh.. sorry guys I need to take this” I look up to see Harry holding his phone and getting up. Without another word he walks away from us. I look back into the menu and continue reading. From the corner of my eye I see Zayn fidgeting infront of me.

“Everything alright?” I ask him as I look at him.

“Perfect!!” he says with much enthusiasm.

I look back down when I hear Zayn’s voice again.

“Actually Eliza there’s something I need to tell you”

“Sure” I smile and look up from the menu.

“I don’t think of you like a friend anymore” he says

I’m speechless as I stare at him. Of course Eliza how will he think of you as a friend, your plain bad luck for him! He’s either towing your car or getting creeped out by your family or waiting in the hospital lobby with you for some stranger to deliver a baby!! And to top that all he missed his 21st birthday! His birthday damn it!! Now definitely this is payback... he’ll insult you and dump you infront of all these people in this posh restaurant! Oh.. God.. think ..think of something to say! Something smart!

“Huh” I gasp. Very smart Eliza! “Huh”!! Seriously??

“I think.. I think I like you more than a friend” he smiles.

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