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I could hear a beeping noise but couldn't open my eyes or talk, I could hear someone sniffling and feel a hand on my own, I tried so hard to open my eyes and make some sort of sound but nothing. I couldn't do anything but listen to the person who was holding my hand cry, my ears suddenly muffled and I saw white.

Gelos pov
She was cold and still she didn't move.
I wanted to hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright but I couldn't because one wrong move and she could be gone. Tears streamed down my face as I watch her chest move up and down while she breathes with help from the machine. I decided to stay with her the whole time she was here, she had been in hospital for 2 days and hadn't woke up.
I hear the machine going off loudly and begin to panic I shout for help and seconds after the room is full with doctors and nurses, I am told to leave the room and they begin to resuscitate my baby. I knew she would make it but deep down I thought what if she didn't what if she was gone.
Just as more tears stain my cheeks a nurse approaches me and tells me that she is stable but cannot have any visitors for a few hours so I decided to head home and get myself cleaned up.

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