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The soft crashing of the waves and the salty breeze make you sigh in content and close your eyes for a few seconds before opening them again to a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is hot and high in the sky making the turquoise sea in front of you glitter. It was a busy day at the beach in Montecarlo, which meant you had to be extra alert while scanning your surroundings. So as you lie in a beach chair, white rimmed sunglasses on top of your nose and a book in your hands, you watch people come and go. Families, waiters, groups of friends, rich people jet skiing, there was a little bit of everything but so far no sign of your target.

"How's everything looking over there?" Harrison speaks through the earpiece in your ear, that was strategically covered by a strand of hair.

It has been a little over a year since the Marioli case, and Harrison and you have been inseparable ever since. You have worked many cases together as partners, all of them successful missions and the FBI has never been happier to have their best agents back. Your missions ranged from cold nights in the streets of Paris, early mornings in Los Angeles and hot days in Bacelona, everything to try to make the world a little safer. It felt like old times, the only thing that changed was going back to your shared bed at a hotel or your shared apartment by the end of the day and not having to hide your feelings anymore. And thank the heavens for that. Now, both of you had been assigned to go undercover to arrest Johnathan Blanche, a rogue agent who stole confidential files and is planning on selling them at a party in Montercarlo's most luxurious hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts forgotten for the sake of not being discovered, you were now Mr. and Mrs. Blazier. Two rich newlyweds on their honeymoon, who loved the beach, jazz music and had close ties with the most important families in England. Harrison is now forced to wear brown contact lenses while you had to wear a wig to keep your identities hidden during the assignment, just in case someone recognized you and blew off your cover.

"Nothing unusual, which is good since I can actually try to enjoy my book and the sun." You say under your breath, sighing in content once more. "And yes I know my British accent isn't the best."

"I think its cute." He chuckles and you can picture him smiling to himself. "Anyways, nothing unusual from the bar side of the resort. But now that I'm coming back..."

You furrow your eyebrows and sit up slightly, wondering if Harrison saw Blanche somewhere on the beach. "You have eyes on the target?"

"Nope, only on the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. White rimmed sunglasses, black and white stripped bikini, and I think she's reading the new Michelle Obama book. Wow." There's a hint of a smirk in his voice like he knows how his words make your cheeks burn in a second.

You chuckle and shake your head after he's done describing you and you shrug your shoulders since you know he can see you. "You should give her your phone number."

"Do you think she'd give it to me?" His voice is teasing and you just want to kiss the smile off his face as you roll your eyes.

You smile, the perfect answer in your mind already. "Probably not."

"Ugh, you guys are gross." Another agent, Bryan, who was also synced to your earpieces teased the two of you. The two of you chuckle, picturing him dying of boredom at his post giving out towels and your flirting not making anymore interesting.

You turn your earpiece off as you see Harrison approach you out of the corner of your eye. His breathtaking body fully on display, his silver chain resting on top of his toned chest and shoulders and those abs... You lower your sunglasses slightly to have a better look, enjoying the way his curls move with the breeze and how hot he looked with those black sunglasses and dark green swimming trunks. And to think he's all yours.

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