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I sat at a table in the shop, watching as the Dyer's were decorating for Valentine's Day. I didn't like that day. It was the most pointless day to ever exist.

The shop was already a beautiful theme of baby blue and light brown. It had a bit of gold around the trims to give off that aesthetic bakery vibe. The counters were made of wood, making the shop feel very light and friendly to anyone who walked in the door.

The register was nothing fancy as it seemed the family wasn't big on modernizing their shop. They wanted it to be more local than corporate, and it made the bakery feel much homier that way.

The new decorations were more subtle to go with their simple and cute shop theme, not taking away any pleasure from the eyes. The windows in the front were big and open, to let in all the natural lighting that really showed up the store's beauty.

The deep red only added beauty to the already existing colors that made this shop what it was. Red and white balloons were hung in one corner, and some transparent balloons with gold spots hung around the room. They had a chalkboard stand next to the counter that advertised for their new special on wedding cakes, to empathize on the special day of celebrating love.

"Alright, my parents have let me go free," Ayden said, getting my attention. I gave him a small nod as I got out of my seat and we left the shop.

It had been quite awkward since we had been so close during that day in the shop. It made it far more awkward that both of us ignored it and he went out with Sunny as if it never happened.

We got back to his apartment. I looked at him and sighed, finally breaking my silence. "Okay, we need to talk about that thing."

"What thing?" He played dumb.

I grabbed his arm, pulling us closer together. "This thing." I noticed my actions and stepped away. "Sorry. I probably shouldn't have done that. We should just clear the air now, and make it go away like that."

"It has gone away for me." He shrugged.

"It hasn't for me." I huffed.

He chuckled. "It's probably because you've never been so close to kissing a boy before. In a few days, my month is up. I get to kiss you." He pointed at me.

I knew he was right. It made me feel weird because I had never been so close to him, yet here I was. I always made everything more complicated than it needed to be.

"Sunny won't like that," I stated.

He scoffed. "She's not going to know. It's just a silly bet. In a few days, I win. I will get to kiss you and still have her." He gestured.

I played with my fingers, trying to redirect us back on topic again. "I just want to make the weirdness go away... It turned out I'm the only one feeling weird about it, though."

"Yes, that does seem to be the case." He gave me a genuine smile which only confused my already confused feelings.

I went to the sink to do dishes but Ayden came over and grabbed something from the cabinet, trapping me against the counter. It became extra awkward and I froze in my place. He wrapped his arms around me, pouring water from the tap into his cup.

He noticed my reaction and began to chuckle. "You were in my way." He walked off, drinking his water along the way. I began to wonder if I could do the dishes without breaking them. What was happening to me?


Over the next couple of weeks, I watched Ayden and Sunny get close. It was uncomfortable for me because I lived with him and had to hear about it. I had never seen this man so into a woman and for more than just her body. He still said I was prettier.

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