32 ~ Blossoms

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It was the next day,  Saturday...and Haru has been acting different. Me being the kind,  caring roomie I was I had to find out.

I walked towards her room with a grin on my face. "Hey Haru-Chaaannn."

"Yeah?" She replied.

"What's up with you? You're acting.... weird."

"I'm not. You're the weird one." She defended but I saw right through her.

"Does this have to do with the movie night with Iida." I raised an eyebrow with the grin still present.

"Nope." She replied too quickly.

"AH-HA! So this is about Iida." I triumphantly cheered while a blush made it's way onto poor Haru's face.

"Fine.... I asked Iida out on a date." She sighed.

"What did he say?!" I asked excitedly.

"He.... said yes." She mumbled the blush having spread to her ears.

"That's amazing!!" I ran over and gave my friend a hug which she returned.

"Thanks. Anyways what should I plan for our date? It's tonight and I still have no idea what to do." She confessed.

"Uh... I don't know.  I'm not good with this type of stuff. I know exactly who to ask though." I smiled to myself and pulled out my phone. 

I clicked on Mina's contact and hit the call button. It rang a few times before she answered.

"Hey what's going on you never call first? "

"I need you to help me and Haru with something."

"I'm on my way."


"WHAT'S THE THIS I HEAR ABOUT NEEDING MY HELP?!!" A very excited and loud Mina barged through the door.

"So.... Our good friend Haru here needs help planning her date with Iida." I smugly smiled as she blushed looking down at the ground.

"OH MY GOD!! THAT'S SO CUTE!!" She beamed.

"Yes.. Now please quiet down you're hurting my ears and disturbing the neighbors." I cringed at the volume of her shouting.

"Sorry..... Sorry it's just our little innocent Haru is growing up... I can't help but be proud."  Mina's eyes sparkled with the face resembling that of a proud mother.

"You guys are making too big of a deal out this." Haru mumbled.

"More like we're not making a big enough deal outta this.  And I'm pretty sure this is your first date ever so...." Mina winked as she slung an arm over poor Haru who's blush had spread to the tips of her ears.

"So what if it's my first date."


"I agree with Mina." I nodded.

"So what does our precious little Haru have in mind for the big first date?" Mina asked.

"Uh... I have no clue. " She bluntly admitted.

"Well...do you got any ideas?"


"Oh... Okay then.  That's alright I'm sure we'll figure something out." Mina sweat dropped.

"How about dinner and a movie? Or we could try the  Maruyama park the cherry blossoms are really pretty right now." Mina placed a hand on her hip as she thought aloud.

"I think the cherry blossoms are cool." Haru agreed.

"Same, thats definitely more Haru's style." I nodded my head in agreement once again.

"Now it's time for the outfit....  The best part." Mina gave a devilish smirk. Both Haru and I saw that coming a mile away.

Haru cringed and stepped back slowly,  fearing Mina's plans for the outfit. Haru has never been one to dress up.  She usually runs around in sweats and a T-shirt.

"You'll look fabulous Haru trust me." Mina came closer and Haru continued to back away. 

Of course this fails and she was soon cornered by a makeover hungry Mina.


While Mina was doing Haru's hair she had texted Iida informing him of where the couple would meet up. Once Mina had finished Haru came out looking beautiful.

This was the first time I had ever seen Haru dressed up. Haru's brunette locks were put up into two messy buns and she wore a oversized baby pink baggy sweater with black overalls that were a dress and fishnet stockings with a pair of black platforms.

Iida was definitely gonna freak when he sees her all dolled up.

"Doesn't she look adorable." Mina smiled.

"Definitely." I gave her a thumbs up.

"I feel like a barbie..... I don't like it." Haru looked irritated.

"Well too bad.  I'm not letting you wear sweat pants on a date." Mina huffed.

"Just go with it. You'll get used to if.  Mina did the same thing to me. You won't win this war trust me." I laughed.

"Listen to [L/N]. There's no stopping me.Anyways it's about time you head out for your date." Mina smirked.

"Yeah... I'll let you guys know what happens when I get back." Haru trudged out the door. 

"You better!! " We call out as she leaves 

Little did I know I'd be in her shoes soon enough.

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