Chapter 5

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 We arrived in Amsterdam too late

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We arrived in Amsterdam too late. Tec was anxiously trying to get us all ushered through the airport as fast as possible, but we ended up having to bunk down in an airport hotel. At least this one was still a nice one for all the important businessmen, only stopping here for a day to do important business.

I got to share a room with Kissy and she insisted we did something to make us feel like women. So, facemasks, mani-pedis and she wanted to do my hair. I didn't have a single problem with that. I had never had a girl friend who wanted to do these things with me and it brought back fond memories of my mum. We used to do this on Friday or Saturday nights, eating ice cream for dinner and watch stupid romantic films on the telly.

"You have such nice nails," Kissy said as she worked on my French manicure. 

"You think?" I asked and smiled.

"Yeah, they're so round and flawless. You're genetically blessed," she chirped and swung the nail file around. "I used to bite my nails, so now it looks like a bear mauled them."

I couldn't help but snort. She had perfect pink nails.

There was a knock on the door and Iwo poked his head in. "Hey ladies, whatchu doing?"

"Nails!" Kissy almost squealed.

"Can I join? Mummy and Daddy are fighting." He didn't wait for us to reply, he just walked in and closed the door behind him, dramatically falling down on the bed, Kissy and I weren't sitting on. "My room is next to theirs."

"Who's Mummy and Daddy?" I asked, confused.

"Tec and Frej. They always fight when we travel, because Tec gets so stressed out," Iwo sighed and moved to his side, his hand supporting his head. "And then they make up and that's even worse."

Oh. Now I was kind of glad, Kissy's and my room were on the other end of the hall, away from the guys.

"And Dawid has gone out so here I am, in the fight against boredom."

"You're welcome here, always," Kissy said softly and smiled at him.

He flushed a bit and swallowed something. "So Aura... What do you do for fun?" Iwo asked, probably in lack of something better to say.

"I used to read a lot. Listened to a lot of music too. I like Jazz." I shrugged a shoulder, not really sure what more to say.

"Jazz?" Iwo brightened like a kid on Christmas. "I love Jazz! The 20'th century had the best jazz music ever! Who's your favourite singer?"

"I like Billie Holiday-"

"Naturally," he interrupted, but nodded at me to keep going.

"Ella Fitzgerald-"

"Solid choice."

"Nina Simone-"

"Who else?" He smiled very brightly at me. "We saw Ms. Simone live once. At the Harlem Festival in '69. Hands down one of my favourite concerts."

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