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I heard a knock on the front door, wondering who it could be. His family wouldn't come this late, would they? I never knew. Families were an interesting concept.

I let Ayden answer the door as I made sure I was dressed like a human, hiding my true identity.

"Come on in. You don't have to knock, you know. You can just come in." Ayden's words echoed throughout the apartment, laced in that thick, English accent of his.

I peeked out of the bathroom, my curiosity getting the best of me as if I was still alive. "Who's at the door?" I asked Ayden.

He came to me and another person popped into my view, blocking my view of Ayden. Although, Ayden was tall enough that his head peeked over.

"Hello! You must be his therapist. You were at my party, right? I didn't know he lived with his therapist. Live-in therapists, are those a thing?" She looked at Ayden, questioning his intentions.

I mentally scowled. He actually brought the girl home. He brought Sunny home, and I could only imagine where this was going to end up.

Ayden saw my face and gave me a small smirk. "Is something wrong, therapist?"

"Nope." I straightened my back and held my hands behind my back. "I could only imagine how this is going to go." I eyed Ayden, not making my words vague.

Sunny looked between us and cleared her throat, wanting to butt into the conversation. "Of course I can't deny this man is a handsome one but Ayden told me is a virgin and he is trying to save that. I respect it. I think it's more attractive." She smiled at him and he returned the same smile.

I choked a bit on my own saliva. "Oh, he's a virgin." I nodded. I knew that was the biggest load of bull ever. I indeed found abstinent men attractive, but Ayden was nothing but a liar. He was the farthest from a virgin. My best guess was he just didn't want to expose the truth that he made a deal with his dead therapist about it. He chose to give up sex for a month. He only had a few more weeks to go.

"I guess I will leave you two kids alone then." I went to his room and sat in the closet. It only further strengthened my end of the deal. Ayden could never be alone with a woman like that and not have sex. He was not that strong. Lust won every time.

I stayed in there for a few hours, afraid that they would soon end up here. I decided to leave the room before I was stuck listening to another good time.

I walked into the living room and was surprised to find the two of them just watching a movie. This was quite unusual for Ayden. How did he have that much self-control?

He had his arm around her shoulders while she rested her head on his shoulder. I didn't quite enjoy the sight, and not just because I was trying to change him. Something about it just didn't sit right with me.

They hadn't noticed me yet. Sunny looked at Ayden and asked a question that almost made my soul shrivel up. "Are you sleeping with your therapist?"

He looked at her, making the wrong joke, "I wish." Ayden wasn't good at real romance and it was only a matter of time before Sunny realized this.

"What does that mean? You live together." She took her head off his shoulder.

He sighed. "I'm sorry. No, we aren't sleeping together. I promise. She's a virgin anyway."

"So are you," she replied.

He cleared his throat, trying to cover up his lies slipping through his teeth. "Yes, I am. Both of us are abstinent so we aren't going to be into that kind of thing."

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