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Get in the closet and don't come out is what she was telling me, but all I could was focus on was the loud banging at the front door. "Mom?" The door, someone is at the door. "Jayna focus my mom said. Get in the closet and don't say a word and don't come out no matter what you hear. Do you understand me?" When my mom says "Do you understand me?"

That means she is dead serious. Ok I say but still confused as to why I'm going in the closet. My mom hugged me and said she loved me. She always says that. On top of Jayna your special and you're a queen remember that.

She makes me repeat it until she is satisfied. Annoying but hey it makes my mom smile so why not. I can't lie it makes me feel good too. She pushes me in the closet and immediately closes the door. Mom is being super weird so I decide I m going to hide in my favorite hiding place. This hallway closet is long and spacious and in the back is a little door. It doesn't really lead to anywhere but I can fit in the space and mom never finds me, when we play hide and seek.

You can only see the stuff that's in front of the little door like the mop and vacuum and duster. Ha she will never find me. I smile to myself just knowing how much she will hate it when I scare her again. She hates being surprised.


I'm scared for my baby. Please stay put Jayna I whisper to myself. I wish I had more time. The knocking stops and I know they're already in the house. I hurry and push the tv stand away from the wall. Open up the compartment in the floor I had built with the house years ago and grab my blades. I haven't used them in ten years but I know they're still sharp.

The hair on my neck rises and I know my first foe is closing in behind me. Immediately reflexes that have laid dormant for so long kick in. I crouch like a feline and immediately swipe my sword at the dark figure quickly approaching. He was fast but I was faster. I silently step over his head and crouch back down into a feline position. I sense one shadow by my back door in the kitchen, another along the wall in the hallway, and another crawling up the wall from the kitchen doorway. I'm sorry Jayna so so sorry I whisper as I throw my sword up into the gut of the shadow crawling on the ceiling.

I let a tear drop and say a silent prayer of protection for my Jayna while I jump for the shadow along the wall of the hallway. As I sever his head, my heart slows down and I drop to the floor next to where his head lays. My heart breaks for my baby.The sword that went through my chest reflects the light from the kitchen. The shadow pulls the knife out of my chest and pushes me to the ground. My last thoughts Jayna be strong. Everything goes black.


Jayna! Jayna darling are you here?! Yelled sheriff Darwin I open my eyes and panic all I see is darkness. Where am I? Then it comes back to me. Im still in my favorite hiding place. That must be mom calling me. She is going to be so mad. I fell asleep and she has been looking for me for hours I bet. Jayna honey it's Sheriff Darwin! Are you here? Darwin?

Huh what is the Darwin doing here? thought Jayna. I crawled out of the closet. Ugh i'm so sore, how long was I in there jeez. OMG it was night time when I went in it's morning now. Mom is going to kill me. I just got my phone back this week from the last punishment I was on. "She's in here"calls a lady standing in our living room. Is that a head she has in her hand?

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