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Adonis started with filming all the bowls at the table, and all the spoons lifting full of food, and he slowly made it to Gaige, who pushed his food around in his bowl, his shoulders rising and falling with heavy breathing. Maybe it was because Adonis was specifically focusing on him, but Adonis couldn't help but wonder why no one could see the internal struggle Gaige was obviously having right here at the table.

After too long, Gaige finally lifted his spoon to his lips and sucked in a spoonful of calories that would wreck him mentally. If Adonis narrowed his eyes and looked very closely at through the camera, he could swear he saw Gaige's handshake the tiniest as he lifts the spoon.

After about five minutes of filming, Adonis finally put down his camera and sucked up the dinner at an incredible pace to keep up with everyone else at the table. Most people at the table even had seconds, except for Gaige and Chester, who honestly probably had the same sized stomach and appetite despite the nutritional -need difference and age difference between the two. Hell, Gaige barley finished his first bowl.

Aburptly, Gaige stood up, took his and Adonis' empty bowl and stalked off to the kitchen before coming back to collect Adonis to go back upstairs. Adonis smiled at Brad and then at Erin, "Thank for dinner. It was delicious."

Erin smiled, dapping a napkin at the corner of her mouth even though there was nothing there, "Of course. You're welcome to have dinner with us anytime, Adonis," Her smile seemed genuine to Adonis, but he could see Gaige shiver or shudder from over her shoulder.

As soon as Adonis shuts the bedroom door behind himself, Gaige whips around, taking out his phone, "Turn on the camera, house favorite, dinners not done quite yet," Adonis' eyebrows knitt together, but he does what he's told, turning on the camera and lifting it to his face.

Gaige turns to the camera so Adonis could get a better shot of his phone and see Gaige pulling an app that looked fine on the outside, but upon opening was clearly a calorie counting app. Adonis licks his lips and zooms in as Gaige goes to the 'log' section, looks up 'chicken pot pie' and suddenly hundreds of chicken pot pie with calorie amount options roll down the screen. Gaige chooses 'homemade', unfortunately, Adonis doesn't zoom out in time to get a shot of Gaige cringing at the calorie amount. But, in the end, Gaige clicks 'add' and the go back to the main screen that shows a total of 523 calories for the whole day.

Gaige looks up at Adonis, who also looks up to meet his gaze. The tall boy has a pained smile on his face as he slides his phone back into his pocket, "Well, fuck, it looks like Erin was showing off. That's a shit ton of calories, huh? In one meal?" Gaige shook his head, he turned his back to Adonis - who kept the camera rolling- and went over to the closet, "You can't tell me that's healthy, no one can. Some doctors and nutritionists say you need 2/3 of your daily calories before dinner, but with a loaded one like that, you're fucked. That pot pie goes straight through your liver, your liver can't handle the fat amount in it, so it forces it to your cells. Now, suddenly you extra fat pounds. Your thighs are thicker, a few more rolls of stomach fat, bingo flaps as my mom calls it."

Gaige had pulled open his closet, pulled out a small drawstring back that was full of chunky stuff, Adonis could only assume was shoes and gym clothes. Gaige turned back around, swinging a rope over his shoulder, "It's hard for me to process the idea of someone being okay with eating that much and more. Watching my father eat bowl after bowl makes me want to scream why? How can people consciously do that to themselves?" Gaige bit down hard on his lower lip as if stopping himself from going off anymore.

"Come on, it's time for the gym. I'll make up some excuse," Gaige pushed past Adonis, leaving the other boy reeling in the disgust Gaige had for himself and everyone around him. Adonis had to shake his head and wake himself to remind himself to run back downstairs after Gaige.

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