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Ellis Hollington sped her luxurious silver Lexus down the street towards the Bradley Mansion. She tore around the corners, Cherry lacquered nails gripping the wheel with a furious rage. She was back, Dressed from head to toe in lavish designer brands as though they were the only thing she knew. The sprawling house was blasting out music and she felt it vibrating through the car. Ellis parked her car, and flung the door open. She stepped on the concrete, Jimmy Choo heels tapping away. adjusting her black shimmery Stella McCartney dress, she took a deep breath, and with a toss of her hair, stepped inside

Suddenly, all eyes were on Ellis. She, however didn't even grace them with a gaze. She just swept her eyes over the crowd, searching for only one person. The whispers began spreading like wildfire. Their queen was back. Ellis didn't mind the rumors already beginning to form. When Ellis walked into a room, everyone's eyes were drawn to her in envy, admiration, and fear.

Ellis had been the people's queen. She had the hearts or every boy she wanted. Until McKenna Bradley came along junior year, and ruined it all. Ellis took off to her Paris home last March, and pulled herself together. Now, Ellis was back, and with worse intentions than ever.

Terrified was the only word to describe McKenna Bradley when she saw Ellis walk through the kitchen doors. Her face immediately crumbled from the smile she was giving Vanessa Swift. Ellis took a few steps, glowering down on McKenna from 6 inches above. McKenna backed up until there was simply no more room to. Ellis' face twisted into a sickeningly terrifying grin.
"Hello, McKenna," She said in a sugar coated voice. "Care to enlighten me?" McKenna froze up like a deer in headlights

Ellis knew exactly what she was doing.

McKenna played with the edge of her dress. "Ellis, I- I wasn't expecting you." She stammered in a fearful tone

Ellis rolled her eyes. "Of course you weren't. Just like I wasn't expecting you to steal my boyfriend, ruin my car, and get my ass kicked out. Just like I wasn't expecting you to lie to me, over and over, frame me for cheating on a test, and ruin my entire fucking junior year." She said in a hushed tone.

McKenna turned bright red. "Ellis, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to end that way! You have to understand."

Ellis raised her voice, and heads turned, "McKenna. Oh McKenna. You thought you could just get rid of me? You thought you would get a chance to be the queen, if you could just get me out of the way? Well guess what? It's not that easy to dethrone me. I know all about you, and I know that you don't want me to tell everyone here. So, if I were you, I would step down from your soap box, and get a fucking life. Because guess what? Ellis Hollington is back."

And with that, she turned and left, the hoards of people parting like the Red Sea. Watching their queen depart.

I'm sorry if this chapter was hard to understand or just generally weird, I've rewritten it about 7 times before finally getting to this! It will get better as the book goes on, I promise!

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