Chapter 28

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''Get...away from me..'' his long, dark eyelashes flutter as he lowers his gaze, turning away from you.

''Are you...'' you gulp ''...okay?''

Like an extinguished candle, his eyes melt into an ever growing abyss of darkness. ''...Do I look okay?''

Unable to think of anything else meaningful to say, you tentatively edge closer and place the coat on his desk. Your hand slightly brushes past his in the process, and you notice him grit his teeth.

''Get...the fuck away from me...'' he repeats louder, making you flinch.

''Look, if it's me I'm so sorry-'' 

You get cut off when he grabs your wrist and yanks you forward harshly. You fall back and land on his lap, and he takes that chance to snake an arm around your waist. ''I'm reached my limit...''

''I told you to get away from me, but did you listen?'' he speaks, the heat of his breath washing over your ear. You attempt to break free from his grasp but that only makes him hold you tighter.

His soft hair brushing against your shoulder, you feel his fangs dig into your flesh in desperation, sucking and licking to quench his thirst.

''Let me go-'' you squirm around to escape, but your effort remains futile.

''S-stop moving'' he breathes, loosening his grasp on your waist. It's only then you feel something poke your hip, and your breath is sucked in an inaudible gasp as you break free.

''Don't tell me you got a fucking boner'' you ask incredulously, as he glances away frowning. ''fuck off''

You scoff, your blood boiling. ''Okay, I seriously don't get you. One second you're all kinky, and the next you're all angry again? What the fuck is your problem?''

His expression is unreadable, and he leans back on his chair carelessly like a student getting told off.  The dark circles under his eyes had disappeared and his skin had regained it's color, not looking so pale anymore.

''What, so you're just gonna avoid me after biting me?''

''You don't get it do you...'' his eyes look up from the ground and lock with yours, a burning animosity flashing in his amber orbs. ''I've drank from you about four times now...I'm addicted to your blood. So unless you wanna get sucked, stay away from me''

You're about to open your mouth to speak again but clamp your mouth shut when you hear students returning from lunch break. Rolling your eyes in annoyance, you stomp as far away from him as possible.

Jackson takes a seat next to you and peers over at you dubiously. ''Don't tell me he-''

You cover his mouth quickly but he removes your hand straight away. Moving your hair back, he takes a glimpse of the bite mark.

On the other side, Jimin and Jungkook stare confusedly at the suddenly well Taehyung.

''Don't tell me you fucking drank from her'' Jimin sighs in disbelief, raking a hand through his hair.

''Not my fault she came in here alone, even though I told her to fuck off like three times'' he retaliates, rolling his eyes.

''Yoo, we got company...'' Jimin whistles, eyeing Jackson who was making their way towards them. ''fight fight'' someone suddenly screams out, multiple heads, jerking back to watch.

Jungkook and Jimin stand in front of Taehyung as a barrier, glaring at Jackson eyebrows raised. ''What do you want, lover boy?''

''Nothing from you'' he responds, breaking through them. ''After slashing her back, you had the audacity to bite her?!'' He growls quietly, grabbing him by the collar.

His mouth twitches into a smirk. ''Yeah, so? What you gonna do?''

''You dare touch her again-''

''Or you'll what, huh? Oh wait-'' he raises his eyebrows in amusement, lowering his voice to a whisper. ''Doesn't Jisoo bite you a lot too? But I heard you're too pussy to do anything about it-''

You had heard enough. You pull Jackson back, bringing him back to your seat. ''Look, I don't need you to play my protective boyfriend, I can handle it myself''

''oooh, you guys are together?'' a girl next to you asks, but you ignore her.

''lets get outta here''


Bangtan's POV

''You NEED to stop getting involved with her'' Namjoon lectures him, after hearing that Tae had drank from Y/N again.

Taehyung casts his gaze to the ground, his darkened eyes obscured by the soft brush of his bangs. ''It won't happen again''

The rest remain morose, everyone seated across the living room in silence. Stark bleakness rest in the members eyes, and they stare blankly in the distance.

''But how will he rid of his blood addiction?'' Hoseok speaks up, shattering the silence which suffocated the air.

''As I said..'' Taehyung looks up. ''It won't  happen again''

And grabbing a handful of sedatives, he leaves the room.

A/N: holy shit almost 40k am I dreaming

A/N: holy shit almost 40k am I dreaming

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