The Church

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You were jogging through town, trying to get some exercise to keep your stamina up. You eventually jogged into a park and saw Issei and 

Asia? What's she doing here?

You quickly ducked into the bushes and pulled your hoodie over your head. You just watched them until you saw her appear once more. You jumped out in front of them and called your ax, it would be about 30 seconds until it reached your position seeing as how it was on the outskirts of town. 

Yuma "Well, you're here again?"

I could say the same thing, what do you want with Issei this time?

Asia "Lady Raynare."

You looked at her, the look on her face showed one of terror.

Raynare "So the rumors about your downward spiral into deviltry are true, and the rumors about you becoming a somewhat protective charm around him is true too."

The ax came flying out of the bushes and you caught it.

I won't let my friends be hurt, but the fact alone that your showing your true form in the daylight shows that you're desperate for something. 

Raynare "Don't worry, my business here has nothing to do with you. Now Asia, come along like a good little girl."

Asia "No! I can't stand what you and the other angels are up to, so I ran away."

Smart move, you got going while the going was good. 

Raynare "However, I could end what I started with the two of you."

Raynare summoned a light spear and Issei pulled out his sacred gear, she laughed at him.

Raynare "Seriously, that's it? A twice critical?"

Issei "A twice critical?"

Raynare "All that does is temporarily boost your power."

Issei "Seriously? That's all it does?"

Careful issei, she's stronger than you.

Issei "But-

Pick your battles Issei, cause you won't win all of them. 

Raynare "Here, I'll let my friends take care of you."

She snapped her fingers and some Druagrs came out of the nearby bushes.

Damn, Issei, you keep her safe as well as you could while I handle them. 

Issei "Right!"

You threw your ax at one druagr, freezing him in place. You ran towards another and started punching him, you activated the shield and slammed the two ends into its head. You kicked him away and used the shield to block a sword swing from another Draugr, then slammed the shield into his neck. It was fading out of conciseness and you slammed the ax into its neck, serving its head. 

2 more.

You threw the ax at one of them and it bounced off its head, you called it back and it went flying into its head once more. You ran and drop kicked the last Druagr and slammed your foot into its head, leaving an orange splatter on the ground. You looked and say Raynare and Asia nowhere in sight, and Issei in the middle of a pond. You ran over to him.

Issei, where is she?

Issei "She-she was taken away."

You looked around before going into your pocket and pulling out a tattoo marking. You grabbed Issei's hand and traced a symbol into his hand.

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