its a party!!

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(preps for the party are in full swing at the nigam house. sumu and bhavya have stayed back to help. sid and abhis mom has gone back to her hometown for a few days. only close friends are invited for the party, including rosh, reem, tunu and avu. the boys are sitting in the living room)

(sumus phone rings he talks and then disconnects the call)

sumu: abhi sun na

abhi: bol?

sumu: woh shayad i wont be able to be in the party tonight

abhi: nahi nahi nahi yeh kya tu last minute per backout kar raha hai! pehle batata i wouldve rescheduled it but ab to uska time bhi nahi hai! its tonight only

sumu: pehle sun to le...

abhi: arey haan. masla kya hai? shayad koi solution ho

sumu: meri cousin saloni pata hai na?

abhi: haan pata hai. tujhse boht suna hai uske bare me

sumu: han to aj uske parents matlab meri bua or phuppa unko out of town jana hai. and unkay ghar per renewation ka kam chal raha hai to worker hotay hain. so she cant leave sallu alone. to take care of the work unke servant houn gay but she was thinking that if sallu mere sath mere ghar rahe gi to unko bhi tension nahi hogi. so 2 3 din sallu mere hi sath rahe gi. ab i cant leave her to get bored at home and be here.

abhi: to isme kya tension hai?! tu saloni ko bhi le aa party main. wesay bhi tujhe sid ki habit pata hai na. 10 logo kay liyay 50 logoun ki party organize karwata hai. to thode uper neeche honay sey koi farq nahi padta. thode kya zyada uper neechay hojaye to woh bhi koi tension nahi.

sumu: but abhi what will she do here?

abhi: arey sab hounge na tunu avu and all. im sure she will make friends. and tu usse keh dey na that she can bring a friend along aswell. to even she will have a friend.

sumu: han yeh sahi hai

abhi: then both of us can go pick her in the evening, before the party.

sumu: set! ill inform her.

(sumu goes to call her)


rosh:(ughh main bhi kahan phans gayi! how could i forget aj we will have lunch at one of our family friends house. ab wahan sey jaldi nikal kay party main jana paday ga)

(rosh picks her clothes, gets ready and goes down to her family as all of them had to go to a lunch party. from where tunu, avu and reem would pick her later and then they would go to the party according to the plan.)

rosh:(atleast lunch with this family is fun! they have a daughter jannat, nearly my age and she is fun to hangout with. even though we arent that close or anything as hum zyada milte nhi. but we are good friends)

(they reach the house)

Jannats house

(preparations for the lunch are going on in the house. faisal who is jannats bestfriend is also there)

faisal: jannu i should leave yar. teray guests ate hi houn ge

janu: to kya? meray guests tujhe kha nahi lein gay.

faisal: arey but awkward nahi hoga?

janu: oh shit.... unko pata lag jaye ga that jannat has friends!!! haww. (sarcastically)

faisal: tera hogaya?

janu: tu itni faltu baatain kyun kar raha hai? jab im saying that kuch nahi hota. wesay bhi they have a daughter of my age and she is really cool so chill.

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