Chapter 4

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"Let's welcome some ghost!" Josh says and walks over to the dining room. Ashley, Chris and I follow him into the dining room and take a seat.
"you guys ready?" Josh ask and looks around.
He puts the board on the table.
"who want the honor for being the leader of this game?..... Y/N?" Josh ask and looks at me.
"I-I Uhm..... Okay" I say and adjust myself to sit comfortable.
"hello?" I say and look a little questionable in the air.
"Uhm... Is anyone out there?" I ask.
We wait for a couple of seconds and suddenly the looking glass moves over to the answer yes.
We all panic a little. "okay who is doing this?" Chris ask. Everyone shakes their head.
Everyone looks back at me, waiting for another question.
"Uhm... Who is this?" I ask.
Instead of giving an answer to my question the looking glass spells h-e-l-p
"what do you mean with help?" I ask.
S-i-s-t-e-r it spells.
"Sister?" Josh ask.
"Josh it has to be-" Ashley says.
Josh cuts her off "okay but which sister?" he says.
"Hannah?" I ask.
"oh God... Oh God" I say.
"Josh are you?" Chris ask.
"I'm fine, why does she need help?" Josh ask
M-u-r-d-e-r the board says
Before I can ask another question the board and looking glass are thrown off the table by some sort of force.
"what the-..." I say and look around.
Josh stands up.
"if you guys think this is the right time for jokes you're wrong. You're so wrong!" Josh says and storms out of the room leaving us alone.

× to be continued ×

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