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Yes I am specifying that this is NOT A SHIP ONESHOT. I just love jamber as a friendship and I got this idea so yeah

PROMPT: Amber is concerned about Jonah's behavior, which leads to Jonah telling her the truth (basically this is a oneshot of when Amber first found out about Jonah's money problems and wanted to help him)
Word Count: 959

Jonah remains the last one in The Spoon after Andi, Buffy, and Cyrus had left. He sits at the counter, on his phone, slowly spinning back and forth on the stool, trying his hardest to ignore the grumbling of his empty stomach.
Amber has been secretly watching him like a hawk as she goes around the small diner, waiting tables and ringing up orders. Slightly worried, she starts cleaning the counter, every few seconds looking at the boy sitting in front of her, who hasn't changed his position.

Jonah's attention is shifted when he sees a hand gently grab his phone. He looks up at who turns out to be Amber.
"Hey, what's going on?" she asks, her voice coated with a certain hardness. Jonah furrows his brows, "What do you mean?" he asks and chuckles with unease. Amber sighs, "You haven't ordered anything in almost two weeks," she says. Jonah's face flushes of color for a second, and he drops his eyes. "So?" he says, swallowing the lump in his throat. Amber rolls her eyes, "So, is everything okay?" she says. Jonah forces a smile, "I'm fine, I promise." However, Amber knows better.
She looks around for a moment and puts her towel down before turning back to Jonah. "You know what?" she says, "How about I go change, and we go hang out at the park." Jonah shrugs with a small smile, "Why not?"

Later, Amber and Jonah sit down at a bench in the park after walking through the park in a tense silence.
"Look, Jonah, I don't want to upset you," Amber says, "But you've been acting really weird lately." Jonah breathes out shakily, "Okay, so something has been going on," he says. "You don't have to talk about it unless you want to." Amber assures him, noticing his panicky state. Jonah shakes his head, "No, it's fine," he says, "In fact, I think you're the best person to tell this to."
"Really?" Amber asks, raising her eyebrows, "What's going on, then?"
"It's about my family," Jonah says, "We're struggling." He fights back tears, his stomach grumbling once again and his heart starting to race. Amber's face softens and she gently puts her hand on his shoulder, "Struggling how?" she asks. Jonah's anxiety finally eases just a bit, and he looks at Amber. "Well, my dad made an investment last year that went really bad," he explains, "Long story short, we went bankrupt and lost our house. That's why I haven't been able to order anything," A few tears roll off Jonah's cheeks.
Amber's eyes widen, "Oh my god, Jonah," she says sympathetically, "Where are you living, then?" she asks. Jonah hesitates for a few seconds before saying, "Some relatives let us stay with them." he says. Amber nods, "Good, at least you're safe." the corners of her mouth curl into a smile. Jonah shrugs, "Yeah, I'm glad we're all together," he says, "Although, I don't get much privacy." The two share a laugh, both wiping tears from their eyes.

"So, what can I do to help?" Amber asks. "You don't have to do anything, I'll be fine," Jonah smiles, "Talking to you about it felt really good." Amber smiles, yet still feels the need to help somehow. It isn't until the grumbling of Jonah's stomach got louder that anybody says anything. Jonah's face heats up, hoping Amber doesn't notice, however, it's too late.
"Jonah?" Amber says quietly. "Yeah?" Jonah gulps. "When was the last time you ate anything?" she asks with a caution in her voice, almost not wanting to hear the answer. Jonah stays still in frozen silence for a moment, his face tear-streaked and his eyes bloodshot. "Friday, at lunch at school," he admits, more hot tears threatening to sting his eyes. Amber stands up from the bench in shock, "Jonah, that was two days ago!" she slightly raises her voice. Jonah stands up as well, "I know, but I haven't been able to buy anything!" his breathing quickens. Amber places her hands on Jonah's shoulders, trying to calm him down, "Listen to me," she says, her tone becoming hardened and serious, "I've been through a similar situation to yours. That's why you felt good confiding in me, right?" Jonah nods.
"So please, let me help you," she sighs, "Because I don't want my friend feeling the same, if not worse, pain than I have." The pair sits back down, Jonah sniffling through his tears, "I just don't want to be your burden," he says, "Like I already am to my family." Amber pulls him into a hug, the air clogging Jonah's throat finally lets loose as a sob breaks past his lips.

"Hey," Amber says, "You are not a burden. I know it feels like that sometimes, but it will all work out, I promise." Jonah breaks away from the hug, wiping his tears. "You sound like Cyrus." he lightly laughs. "Yeah, when he's basically your therapist for this long, you pick up some stuff,' Amber laughs. Jonah smiles a true, genuine smile, something he hasn't done in a while. "Now, how about we go back to The Spoon, and you are gonna get a feast," Amber takes out her wallet, "All on me." Jonah is about to object, but Amber quickly stops him.
So instead, he nods.
"Thank you."

Amber shrugs, "Friends?" she holds her hand out for him to shake. Jonah laughs and shakes her hand, "Friends."

With that, Jonah is soon chowing down on a burger with a family-size side of baby taters, finally feeling full. When he gets to the bottom of his basket of baby taters, there is a small note attached.

"If you ever need a baby tater, I'm a call away.
Stay strong.

Wow that was way more angsty than I thought it was going to be lol
I originally just wrote this for one of my friends but I thought I would publish it because why not

I hope you liked it!

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