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Johnny's PoV
I can't believe y/n already has a new boyfriend. Like I dated kenzie to get her jealous but now she's making me jealous. This is my fault why did I let them stay with us. Ah I'm so stupid. God I hope she realises her mistake of dating Corbyn soon. Operation get y/n back is go. What if that creep finds out tho? I'll be really subtle

Corbyns PoV
I can't believe y/n is finally mine. Omg it feels so great but I feel bad for Johnny. I mean he let us in and I start dating his ex. I'm gonna go apologise now
I walked to johnnys room
Knock! Knock!
Corbyn:hey Johnny?

Johnny: Yh

Corbyn: can I come in

Johnny: Yh sure

I entered the room hoping he wouldn't shout at me. He's actually pretty nice even letting me in after my actions of dating his ex

Corbyn: I wanted to apologise if I seem like a jerk for taking your ex girlfriend but I've liked y/n ever since I met her. She's always been so kind to me and she helped me through my break ups. She's generally just a really kind person and I don't want to lose her. But I want to be cool with you because you let me stay at your house and I asked out your ex. I'm really sorry.

Johnny: it's fine but just know that I do still love her so if you hurt her I will kill you. And please don't tell her this. I need to make it look like I hate her

Corbyn: why?

Johnny: I can't tell you. Just promise me you won't tell her any of this

Corbyn: I promise

After that I left. My smile grew big knowing that the biggest obstacle of mine and y/n's relationship has been removed.

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