{ blue sprinkles

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the only reason i ever put sprinkles on ice cream is because it adds color. i remember close to christmas everyone got only one topping on their dessert, but i looked at the waitress and asked for almost every topping. when she set it before me the only thing that excited me was the sprinkles... even as i proceeded to hand pick them all out and fling them across the table.

also i claim that orange is my favorite color or maybe even purple or teal. but for some reason i always end up wearing blue or with something blue. it's been a thing since preschool. i would always have a blue lollipop and your mom would tease me about my blue lips. you also thought it was hilarious and would add to the blue theme by giving me blue sprinkle cookies. i remember after school you would chase me to my car and hand me the cookie, i was too cool to say thank you at the time (so thank you for wishing diabetes on to me my entire preschool life, but making me so happy and never hungry). anyway your mom would be next to mine watching us with a smile. she thought we would be best friends forever or maybe even get married. unfortunately, i was "in love" with your best friend and i moved. but if it makes you feel better (not that you remember me) i made you out to be an amazing sounding guy even though you made me cry once because you said my only friends would be guys.

thank you sprinkles and blue for keeping my life and memories colorful. for some reason a lot of my favorite memories have sprinkles somewhere or the color blue. also thank you younger me for messing up priorities by not loving the kid who gave you cookies and instead loving the kid who's hair was spiky. thank you for all the cookies you gave me and i'm sorry that i don't remember your name, which is why i'm referring to you as you. and thank you females for actually becoming my friend (even though emma you insulted me within the first five minutes of knowing me) because apparently it was a big deal to younger me that i wasn't stuck with only guys the rest of my life.

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