Ch. 2 Part 5

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So I got an idea so I went and edited last chapter so Y/n didn't break her arm. You'll see what I do with that. Also, for the sake of last chapter, lets just pretend that Pennywise doesn't wear gloves lol.

3rd Pov

the clown growled as he realized that the other children escaped. they were already on their way. the clown placed his hands on the girl's faces to keep them pinned to the table.

"where the fuck are the girls?" eddie asked bill and richie.

"help us! please!" beverly squealed. she looked to her friend who looked like she was bleeding out. her t-shirt was covered in blood and it soaked onto the floor.

"does that answer your question?" richie asked as the boys ran down the hall.

y/n's breathing was heavy and her vision was blurry. her head ached as if someone was pounding on it with a hammer. her skin was cold and clammy.

dizziness was overcoming the girl but she tried to fight it to the best of her current abilities.

"she's bleeding out! help!" beverly screamed.

the boys ran into the kitchen area, screaming beverly's and y/n's names.

they came to a stop as they saw the clown towered over a frightened beverly and a bleeding y/n.

eddie's lips quivered as he noticed y/n. she was paler than ever and she looked like she was about to faint. he felt as if he failed to protect the girl but in all reality, there wasn't anything he could do.

richie wanted nothing more than to protect y/n. "how could I let this happen?" he thought.

they watched in horror as the clown spun around to face them, removing his hands from y/n and beverly's face. beverly began getting up, slowly.

she grabbed a lead pipe that was sat on the floor of the room. "this isn't real enough for you, billy. i'm not real enough for you?" The clown put a fake pouting face as if he was actually upset on his face before smiling, devilishly.

"holy shit." richie muttered, shocked at the state the clown had put his sister in.

"i was real enough for Georgie." the clown cackled.

bill's face turned into the sad and horrified expression as he realized that he was who took his lost brother. bill was still determined to get his brother back even though deep down he knew that georgie didn't make it. he refused to admit to himself.

"y'know. so far y/n has to be the easiest to torture. you wanna know why?" the clown paused and began standing up. "because if I torture her..." he stomped his foot onto y/n's leg causing her to give a frail squeal.

"leave her alone." eddie pleaded. richie and bill were silent, they didn't know what to say so bill clamped his hand to his mouth and richie balled his fist up.

"do you see what I mean? it makes you mad and when you're mad you're vulnerable. when one person in this group gets mad then it bounces and bounces and bounces and bounces off each of you." the clown explained in a playful tone.

the boys knew that he had a point. whenever one of the girls got hurt, everyone would get angry but maybe that was a defense mechanism of some sorts.

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