Ch. 8

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Warning: mention of self harm and abuse, it is in the last paragraph of this story and is brief

~Saturday, January 21, 2011~

                ❤👑❤Arielle's POV❤👑❤


(Arielle's outfit)

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(Arielle's outfit)

    We are currently making Italian for the Swan girl because Edward didn't know how to keep a distance from a nosey girl

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We are currently making Italian for the Swan girl because Edward didn't know how to keep a distance from a nosey girl.
"I don't understand why we're doing this. It's against the rules, we're going to get killed." I say, chopping up tomatoes to put into the salad bowl.
"Be nice, Edward likes her." Esme tells me.
"And I like Tom Felton but you don't see me searching for him, telling him I'm a vampire, and having him come meet my vampire family." I say, sliding the chopped tomatoes into the bowl.
"Who?" Emmett asks, jealousy clear in his voice.
"No one." I say, quickly grabbing the egg and pouring them in.
"Give her a chance." Carlisle says.
"She's human, we aren't. I don't see a good ending." I tell him.


    'They're here.' I think to myself.
    "Here comes the human." Esme says, happily. The front door opens and Edward leads her to the kitchen, explaining how he told us to not do this.
"Bella this is my adopted parents, Carlisle and Esme." Edward informs her.
"Hope you're hungry, Bella, we're making Italiano for you." Esme tells her, as I pick up the glass bowl and am about to take it to the table until Edward says something causing me to stop.
"She already ate." He says.


I step out of the salad area, furious.
"That's just great." I say, Emmett immediately stops what he's doing and walks over to me, whispering to calm down into my ear.
"Well, it-it's just I-I know you guys don't eat so-" Bella stutters our.
"No, apologies, that was very thoughtful of you and Arielle knows that." Esme cuts her off.
"Just ignore Arielle, I do." Edward tells her.
"Okay, yeah, so let's just all pretend that this is normal and won't end in a disaster. I mean, don't you know what will happen if this gets out." I say.
"Arielle." Carlisle warns me.
"I know, I become the meal." Bella says, looking down. This causes us to all chuckle, even placing an amusing smile on my lips.
"Bella, we're vegetarians." Edward whispers in her ear, "We don't feed from people, ever." He continues.
"He's right, what'll happen is-" I say until I'm rudely interrupted.
"Ari." Emmett warns, placing his arm around my stomach from behind me.
"No! She should know. What will happen is that the Volturi will hear of this, kill you, and then destroy each of us until we are nothing but ash. There is no excepting that fate unless you become-" I say until I'm interrupted again.
"That won't be happening." Edward says, protectively.
"Fine, she'll stay human. But when they hear of this and come after us, I'll kill her before they kill me." I say to him.
"You will not." Esme says as Edward steps in front of Bella.
"We shall see the date of this coven when the time comes." I say to them all. I turn hearing a rustle, Alice and Jasper came to join the party.
"Bella!" Alice exclaims, hugging Bella then immediately pulling away. "Woo! Edward was right, you do smell good." Alice tells her.
"Alice." Eddie says, shaking his head. Alice steps back to a struggling jasper.
"I'm sorry, Jasper is our newest vegetarian before Arielle." Carlisle apologizes.
"It's alright Jasper, you won't hurt her." Alice tells him.
"Okay, well, I'm gonna give her a tour." Edward says, taking the awkward girl away.
"Clean this up." Esme tells me as her, Carlisle, Alice, and Jasper leave the kitchen.
"Come on." Emmett says, handing me the broom.
"Thanks for the help." I sarcastically say.
"Pay back for that comment earlier." He says, causing me to roll my eyes, sweeping up the broken glass and food from the floor. "And don't think your punishment is over." He says, slapping my butt and walking out to play Call of Duty with Jasper.
Oh! You might be wondering why her presence didn't bug me so much, well, apparently I have 'powers', other than the average vamp perks. I have two..talents, I have very strong self control, it's hard if the blood is out of the body, and I had to hold my breath a little when I first encountered Bella, but as long as there is a little distance her presence doesn't affect me. But again, if someone has a cut or something, I'm still learning. My second 'talent' is if I want to, I can cause a thousand, possibly more, cuts to cover your body and set your body on fire immediately following, whether your human, animal, or vampire. I was in Canada, Emmett and Carlisle had taken me there to test my progress, this is how we discovered my two talents, Carlisle said he hasn't seen this well of control in a newborn ever. Then, there was a guy, him and his friends were making fun of me, I didn't mean to do it, but all of a sudden they were covered in cuts, blood pouring, their bodies set on fire, they burned alive. I hate what happened but I lost control because of the blood, I went for them but Emmett and Carlisle held me back, Carlisle knew he couldn't have saved them from the fire, it would expose us. Every time I'm left to my thoughts, I the three teenagers, pointing and laughing, I hear the one boys voice, I see the pain in their eyes as the blood starts pouring from their cuts, their screams from their burning bodies, I smell the smell of burning family tries to always occupy me to make sure my mind doesn't run wild, but sometimes they forget, which is good, I refuse to be a burden to them, to be babysat. There is one good thing about my talents, I can protect my family this way, I guess you could say I get my powers from my human life, I had a lot of self control, I knew how to keep my head down and mouth shut. I knew the pain of cuts, blood pouring, and on my skin. I loved my mother, she did a lot for me but sometimes my mind ran, blades cut through my skin, and when I was five, I went to a babysitter after school while my mom worked, she wasn't good, she would put her cigarets out by putting them on my arms and stomach. She threatened me to not tell, and my mother was so tired from work that it took her three days to see the damage. She questioned me for an hour until I cracked, she immediately took me to the police, Chief Swan was only a deputy then, he was the one that talked to me while my mother talked to the chief, he made me smile, he told me to be proud of those marks, not to hate them. They were my battle scars, they were a tell to others that I was a fighter, not someone to be pushed around. I will always be grateful to him for that, my mother then only dressed me in long sleeve shirts from then on. But I'm lucky now, during my transition, all my scars and burn marks disappeared, it's kinda nice not having to always think of the marks.

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