Chapter 6

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(Hello! Sorry for not updating this story in a while... Have chapter 6. Hope you enjoy my Glitch Hearts~)

The next day, Nightmare went back to the temple. Why, you might ask? To apologize, he hated being seen as disrespectful. It had led to much more pain back in his world.

He wanted to avoid it here if possible.

He stopped by the door, hesitating when he heard nothing. There was no sound of movement, it was only quiet.

So he knocked, just to make sure. The sound of tapping feet got him to blink because there sure as hell wasn't supposed to be someone inside if it was so silent.

The door was thrown open to show Steven, still dressed in pajamas and looking as if he had just woken up. That, at least, explains it.


He was cut off when Nightmare set his hand on his head, a calming smile on the diamond's face.

"It's okay. It was an accident, I know how those feel." He really knew how.

Steven sniffed, his hands moving up to grab at Sans' and moved it to the side, his head tilting with the weight to show one eye full of tears directed towards him. And Nightmare felt his SOUL shatter. Oh, wait.

That was his Gem.

He cringed slightly, his hand moving close to the Diamond embedded in his chest in a resisted attempt to relieve some of the pain, and Steven noticed.

"Is your Gem cracked?" Nightmare was already aware of his suspicion, so he didn't react to the question negatively.

He hissed through gritted teeth, eyes shut tightly in pain. He managed to nod.

He felt himself being tugged inside, and he followed without hesitation. This was Steven, Steven was like the Tree... That he killed.


Nightmare coughed into his fist before moving his hand to his Gem and pressing on it. But, unlike normal wounds, it didn't really help.

Steven panicked, forcefully sitting him on the couch.

"Where's your Gem!" Nightmare pulled his scarf down slightly, revealing some of the shiny purple surface that held some black that was hard to spot.

Licking his hand, Steven was quick to place it on the Diamond and watch as the cracks glowed before sealing.

He nodded, pulling his hand away and smiling towards Nightmare, the other seemingly staring at his Gem in awe.

But it was fear.

The black meant something, right? It meant something, and that something wasn't good.

A sudden glow to his left caught him off guard, and Nightmare flinched, his hand slipping sudden and dragging his scarf lower and exposing his Gem more.

Nightmare cursed his bad luck, hands scrambling to pull up his scarf before they saw. And then Steven was in front of him, blocking the Gem's view of him.

And he was able to
successfully fix his clothing and position it to hide his Gem more effectively.

"Steven? Who's behind you?" Pearl's voice rang out. Steven smiled brightly, "It's Sans! He came over to visit!"

Garnet soon asked a question herself, "Then why is he on the floor? Did he attack you?" Steven seemed rather unhappy with the accusation.

"No! He-" "Steven. Please calm down. I'll explain this." Nightmare pulled his hand off of the other's shoulder and turned to the Gems.

"I had come to apologise and explain what had happened, but no one else was home except Steven. And I realised I had woken him up. I wanted to leave, but he really is persistent, so I stayed. You guys surprised me with the sudden light."

Garnet shrugged, "If we surprised you, then we apologise. It was not our intention."

Nightmare smiled, "You don't have to apologise, I know it was an accident."

He then looked at Garnet closely before turning to Steven with a wide smile.

"You were right! She is taller than Pearl!" Steven smiled right back, "See! I told you!" Steven jumped up before running towards Garnet. He jumped last second and was able to wrap his arms around her midsection, and proceeded to hold on.

Garnet picked him up with one arm, which he then latched on to and began to swing back and forth, giggling while Pearl face palmed.

The Gem soon looked to him, "I'd like to apologise for yesterday. That was really not like me."

Nightmare took a second to remember what he implanted in her head, "No! It's okay! It's...nice to see that you care about him that much."

Pearl smiled, but there was still a glimmer of distrust.

That was a flaw of his ability. They always know when somethings wrong with their memory.

"I have to go, Greg is waiting for me."

He was on the hill, judging by the familiar emotion patterns. Steven seemed to practically sparkle.

"YOU KNOW MY DAD!? Since when?" The wide smile did nothing to camouflage the fake disappointment, if that was even necessary.

"Yesterday, met him up on the hill. He played me some of his songs."

Steven giggled, "Yeah, my dad is awesome that way. Right?" Nightmare nodded, smiling happily.

He headed to the door, turning to wave before heading out. When he was a good distance from the house, he teleported to the hill right behind the man who was strumming some chords and warming up his voice.

Nightmare smirked, moving closer and grabbing him before pulling the flailing man back to solid ground, holding in his laughter all the while.

He barely dodged a hit aimed for his head.

"Okay, okay. Enough now. I had my fun." Greg turned with bewildered eyes, "Sans? Gosh! Don't scare me like that! I could've hurt you!"

The Guitarist let his eyes roam the other for injuries, "Greg, I'm fine. If you hit me then I'd most probably be on the ground. I'm actually kind of weak."

He chuckled good-heartedly.

'It's sad how true that is, isn't it? You'd be nothing without me, I'm the reason you were able to take revenge.'

Nightmare stiffened, cause that voice... Oh God. He was still here.

His SOUL clenched in pain as a presence brushed against it. He was giving the sign that he was still here.

And Nightmare could do nothing about it.

(Hey! As you see, Nightmare is aware of Corruption's presence. Yes, Corruption is his other's name, just to avoid confusion. Nightmare is called Sans in Passive form, and Nightmare in Corrupted form. However! Nightmare's real name is Nightmare, he calls his other form Corruption, no one else. Hope you enjoyed my Glitch Hearts~)

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