Swapped Five

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Cat Noir - a girl, long hair, but blonde. Behind the mask, it's actually Marinette.

Ladybug - a boy, short messy hair, but bluenette instead of blonde. And behind the mask, it's actually Adrien.

So basically, their civilians switched hair colors. If they de-transform, Marinette would have long blonde hair, and Adrien would have his bluenette short hair.

Ladybug and Cat Noir looked at each other, and screamed.

Why hadn't it work?! Why didn't they switch back? What was going on?!

"Well I mean," Ladybug shrugged, "it's not really so bad living as you." I'm just embarrassed, because then you'd find out my relationship with Father. No one would want to live as me!

"Haha!" Exchanger laughed while pointing at them. "For you to switch back to who you really are, you'd have to defeat me first!" And she took off.

Cat Noir tried to go after her, but at the moment, she felt weak. She stopped and turned to Ladybug, her, but not her.

"I'm sorry..."

"Why?" Ladybug walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. "It's not your fault."

"Yes, it is. Remember when we were fighting her when she got akumatized?" Cat Noir reminded. "I was the cause. I should have been thinking before I rushed to her. If smyou hadn't need to save me, ad usual, none of this would have happened."

"You're right, it is your fault!" Ladybug laughed. "But I live living ad you. You might not know if, but you actually have me... Freedom. I can be someone else other than myself for a while, and enjoy what I've always wanted to enjoy. I just feel bad..."


Ladybug sighed as he looked down at his yoyo. "My father isn't the best man. He could be so cruel to you. When you be with him, he gets to make the rules for you. I feel bad because now you're living my terrible life."

Cat Noir remembered when she had been living in Adrien's mansion for a day. She thought it was cool. She got to design, and be with Gabriel Agreste.

Gabriel Agreste hadn't really talked to her that much. She had wondered why, because he was always in his room. Now that Adrien said this, she could understand more.

"You know... I don't think Exchanger is that bad," Ladybug finally decided. "She may have changed our looks and everything, but we get to learn each other's lives.

" Anyway," He continued. "I meant to ask... Why are those pictures of me on you bedroom wall?"

Cat Noir froze, slapping her forehead that she had forgotten all about those.

Turning to Adrien, she tried not to faint. "I... Well, I was just really interested in you... I mean your designs, and Gabriel and whatsoever!"

Ladybug nodded. "Makes sense... That was what you told me before." He smirked. "Even if I don't believe it."


"Let's get our strength back and fight that Exchanger off!" Ladybug caught her off. "Well...?"

Cat Noir nodded. "Let's!"


"Exchanger, you just told those two superheroes on how to change back! By defeating you!"

"Yes, Hawk Moth, I did. But it's going to be hard for them to defeat me!"

"I'm worried. Those superheroes have always been destroying and defeat in my plan. Exchanger, I have to make you extra stronger!"

"Well, what are you going to do, Hawk Moth?"

"I give you the power to change one another's looks, personalities, and those things. But now I give you a new power. You now have the power to one another's likes and dislikes. To change their personalities completely. Change them to not only look like one another, but to feel like one another. To act like one another!"

"This is great, Hawk Moth. If I change People's personalities completeo, they will learn to be one another."

"And this time... There is a time for when those can get permanent, Exchanger."


"Two weeks... If they haven't solved it yet... Their personalities will stuck to them permanently!"

"You mean they will be stuck as each other... Stuck in each other's bodies... Permanently?"

"Yes, if you get me the miraculous of course."

"Yes, Hawk Moth!"

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