Avengers: Prologue

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This is my first story. So Hi my name is R***. That's for you to find out. I am 14 so I am not like J. K Rowling. What I want to do mostly crossover. So if anyone of you have ideas for me, please send them. Well let's get on with it.
Year: 2008
POV: Kaneki

I never thought I would die in such a gruesome way, but I died with a loved one so maybe it wasn't so bad. When Touka and I went in fighting the CCG, we weren't expecting to see a human wearing a kagune as a suit. The battle lasted about 10 minutes but it was the best damn minutes of my life.

But one good shot in the chest did it for the both of us. Looking at Touka and her looking at me, I think it was a good way to die. I closed my eyes and took my last breath.

And then I breathed again. And then again. I was alive! I felt water falling on my face, odd, as we were under cover last I remembered. I opened my eyes and saw trees. Now I think I am crazy, this is extremely weird I have never seen trees like them before. I sat up and looked at my surroundings. Trees, trees and more damn trees. There was a small road going across a valley. And there she was, Touka one arm and no feet. Blood all over her body. Ran to her, only to realize I had no legs. I yelled her name for an answer.

"TOUKA!!" I screamed my heart out with tears streaming down my face at the thought of her dead. I saw her remaining arm make a small twitch in conformation.

"I'm going to to look around and find some food for us okay. So just wait here." I didn't wait for a response as I left her on her own.

It took me a good 2 hours before I found someone, a man on the side of the road with his car out of gas. I didn't wait for mercy, Touka and I needed the food. So I jumped straight at him and bite his head clean off. I started to eat both his arms, when I was done with him there was nothing but bone. My legs started to grow back so it was easier for me to get back to Touka. When I saw her limp body on the ground, I quickly threw the body on top of her. Within minutes she went into a rampage on the guy. After she was done see looked up at me when my legs were fully healed.

"Thank you, Kaneki." she said, while wiping blood off her face.

"No problem Touka, there's a city down the road from here. Once your feet grow back, we can go down there okay." Kaneki said, already planning their next move. Touka simply nodded while watching her feet and arm grow.
1 hour later

When we got in to the city, I new exactly where we were, the other side of the world, Canada. We had to get new clothes and a place to sleep. With the money we found from the corpse, we had enough for a pair of new clothes each and a night in a cheap motel. The owner of the motel only gave us a single bed and that is when the realization came into my mind. If we were on the other side of the world, people probably don't know what ghouls are. Touka and I could start a new life here. We can finally be free. I looked down to find Touka sleeping already, curling up beside me. Smiling down on her, I gave her a kiss on the head. A sigh of protection from me.

Year: 2009

A year. That's how long it took us to reach our dream. I already knew English from university, but I had to teach Touka, she's a fast learner. After a year of doing backstreet jobs and under-fighting, we got enough money to get a little shop in the middle of Manhattan. Our coffee shop. We decided to call it 'Anteiku Renewed', a reminder of home. We quickly researched on a computer to find out that not only do ghouls not live in America, but they don't even exist. We were all alone in the world now. Our opening day in the shop was a complete success. We had about a hundred customers. We were exploding in the social media section. Things like '#bestcoffeeintheworld.' or '#thetastesisOMG' and my favorite '#ilostmyvirginityfromthiscoffee'.

3 months later

I finally did it, I asked her, I asked Touka to be my girlfriend. And she did the craziest thing, she kissed me! The media went through the roof with a few pictures of us together. I was happy, we were happy. Until he walked in.

Year: 2011

It was just a normal day for us me making breakfast and Touka hugging me while I did it. It was nice to see her act like this, so.... carm. That's when the bell rang, we quickly went down to find a dark-skinned man with a eye-patch over his right eye.

"Mr Kaneki, Miss Touka. My name is Nick Fury and I work for S.H.I.E.L.D. I want you to join us."

"Why would we do that?" Touka said as pissed off as she could be. She hates it when someone interrupts snuggle time.

"Well, this is why I am here and blackmail for you to join me?" Mr Fury said handing us an iPad that had a video on it. When we pushed play it showed a security camera with us killing and eating a man in an alley. We were both using our kagunes.

"We could kill you now and no one will know." I told him with an arm around Touka for protection.

"Yes, but my 20 men outside would know. I'm not asking for much, just help. We making a team that needs people like you." Touka and I looked at each other trying to find some sort of sense out of this. I looked at Fury and asked a question that made him smile, for some unknown reason.

"What sort of team and who's we?"
Well the first chapter is done. You can ask me to write any crossover you want. Send any rude comments and I will not give a flying shit.
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