Chapter 14: Feelings

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The next day has arrived as the sun is rising from the mountains with birds chirping happily. Y/n then woke up with Xenovia and Irina who are still sleeping and Y/n is in the middle of them. You then pat Xenovia and Irina gently to wake them up.

Y/n - Girls, it's time to wake up. We have school.

Irina - Give me five more minutes. She said while sleeping.

Y/n - So both of you will not wake up, huh? I guess I'll go first to take a bath.

Y/n then proceeds to the bathroom, close the door, remove his clothes and place on clothesline and started to take a bath.

As splashes of water was heard, this cause the beautiful and sexy girls wake up as they let out their yawn.

Irina - What time is it and where is Y/n?

Xenovia then looked at the alarm clock on his left and it shows 5:00 a.m.

Xenovia - It's 5:00 a.m. And I think Y/n is in the bathroom.

Irina - Okay.

The two girls then rise up from the bed and they started to fix it. Once they are done, they saw Y/n with towel on his waist and the girls blushed in crimson red as they saw Y/n's muscular body.

Xenovia - So hot~. She said while drooling on Y/n's muscular body.

Y/n then smirked and he said while flipping his hair.

Y/n - Heh. I know right. Anyway, you girls take a bath first and I will cook our breakfast after I finished myself.

Irina - Okay.

Xenovia then grabbed a bath towel as she went to the bathroom to take a bath while Irina is waiting for her. Y/n is now done wearing the school uniform as he head downstairs and walked towards the kitchen. He then grabbed his headband and apron above the fridge, grabbed the ingredients outside of the fridge and started to cook.

When Xenovia is done bathing, Irina then take her turn to take a bath, while Xenovia is wearing her school uniform and when she is done, she waited for Irina. After 15 minutes, Irina came out of the bathroom as she rub her wet body with a dry bath towel. Later, Irina then wear her school uniform and the two girls went to Issei's bedroom which is besides on Y/n's bedroom. Xenovia then knocked on the door three times but there is no answer. When Irina tried to open the door, it was unlocked.

Irina - Hey the door is unlocked. Issei and Koneko. It's time to wake......

When Irina saw Issei and Koneko hugging to each other tightly while sleeping soundly.

Irina - Hey Xenovia come here. You will like what am I seeing right now. She said while squealing happily.

Xenovia then came in and saw Issei and Koneko, hugging. This causes Xenovia to smile brightly and said,

Xenovia - Quick, tell Y/n about this. She said excitedly.

Irina - Right away.

Irina then went downstairs and saw Y/n is done cooking as he serves the food on the dining table.

Irina - Hey Y/n, you've got to see this. She said excitedly.

Y/n - What's the matter? Judging by your voice, you seems to be excited. Why? Did something happen? He said while he remove his apron and headband and placed it above the fridge.

Irina - Yes now come on. She then grabbed Y/n's hand and they quickly run upstairs.

When they arrived, Y/n then saw Issei and Koneko hugging with each other.

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