Chapter Eighteen.

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Four weeks had now passed and all three of us, Jughead, Fangs and I, had all been released from hospital. I was now fourteen weeks pregnant and we had made the decision to start telling people about it. The Wyrm was raided a week after the riots but thanks too Cheryl everyone had gotten out in time, staying in Fred Andrew's house until we figured out a more permanent temporary situation. The truth was everyone in the Serpents were flat broke, we all struggled to pay rent in the first place but at least we had our trailers and our houses, now we don't even have that. 

After a week of crowding the Andrew's residence what was left of the Serpents decided to set up camp in the North side. It was weird for everyone to shift from one end of the town to another but with the help of the Andrew's household and some money from Cheryl to buy everyone tents and supplies we begun our never-ending camp out. 

I had begun to actually enjoy the constant camp out with the Serpents. It had brought everyone closer together, yeah I missed having complete privacy with Sweet Pea but it was nice knowing we all had each other's backs. There were no new leads on figuring out whether or not Fangs and I were actually related by blood but we had decided to not go actively looking for leads on it. For now all we cared about was recovering and learning how to live permanently camping. 

Jughead was currently hosting a full gang barbeque to celebrate the return of Fangs and I into civilisation and to announce what our next move was going to be. I stood standing in front of the small mirror Cheryl had gifted us as I tried to find an outfit to wear. Thankfully Cheryl had given me half of her wardrobe, unthankfully half of her wardrobe consisted of crop tops which now didn't look so great as I had developed a baby bump. Sighing in defeat I sat down on the edge of the air mattress resting my head in my hands.

"What's wrong beautiful?" Sweet Pea's voice made me smile softly as the air mattress sunk down next to me and his hand rested on my thigh.

"I can't wear anything. I don't look good in any of these outfits because I look like I'm fat, I know I'm pregnant but I don't even feel good. I just feel exhausted and disgusting, I keep throwing up in bushes and honestly this whole camping situation is fine as long as you're not pregnant but woops I am sorry." I rambled on as I begun randomly crying for the second time that day. 

"Baby please you are not fat, you are not disgusting, you are pregnant and you are beautiful. You're carrying our unborn child inside of you and this little bump of yours is honestly one of the most stunning things in this universe. I am so proud of you for that and I love the fact that you're carrying our baby beautiful because honestly this child is already the luckiest person in the world to have you as it's mum." Sweet Pea's speech made me smile so much that I leant over and kissed him passionately on the lips. 

He pulled me onto his lap as we continued kissing, his tongue slipped inside my mouth making me smile at his sly ways as we lay down on the air mattress the kiss heating up even more. Sweet Pea's hands rested on the bare strip of skin between my crop top and my skinny jeans, he begun tracing patterns on my skin before flipping us over gently so my back was now on the mattress. I removed his jacket and then his shirt as my hands ran across his defined chest. 

"WOW DUDE OFF MY SISTER THANK YOU!" I heard Fangs scream as he obviously entered Sweet Pea and I's tent. I sighed as Sweet Pea got off the top of me, kissing me one last time before putting his shirt on once again making me pout slightly at the fact I was no longer seeing my fiancé shirtless. 

"Firstly she's my fiancé AND carrying our baby I think I should be able to make out with her whenever I please" Sweet Pea winked at me before kissing me passionately but shortly pulling away and smirking at me. 

"That may be true but that really doesn't mean I want to see my best friend and my possibly blood sister heavily making out." Fangs laughed as he hit Sweet Pea playfully on the shoulder. 

"Why exactly are you in our tent anyway Fangs?" I asked as I sat up and grabbed my Serpent jacket from next to the mattress putting it on easily. 

"Oh yeah about that Jughead called the meeting prior to the barbeque actually commencing, here's hoping he is just welcoming us back in style otherwise this is so ruining our night." Fangs stated more so too himself than anything.

"Alright alright let's hope we are all still in a party mood after this announcement/meeting/formal thing because we have a big night planned." Sweet Pea smiled as Fangs left the tent telling us he would see us outside.

"Are you sure I look okay? I just feel as though I look seriously bloated." Sighing as I tried to grip ahold of my crop top once more Sweet Pea held my hands and kissed me softly. 

"You are looking gorgeous and you are pregnant not bloated. Plus why are you stressing we're telling everyone about the pregnancy tonight anyway so you won't have to stress about the whole: I look so bloated thing because everyone will then know you're actually growing our baby inside of you." I smiled at Sweet Pea's way of comforting before hugging him tightly and grabbing ahold of his hand. 

"Let's do this Sweets." He held his other hand out to open the corner of the tent as though he was opening a door for me.

"After you my lady." I shook my head at his ridiculousness before bowing slightly at him, pulling him with me as we walked out to the side of the lake to meet up with Fangs and find out what this meeting was all about. 

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