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After a long walk back to Snow's castle we got to the dungeon. I'm so ready to go home.  This place was really creepy.
‘’Rumpelstiltskin cell’’Snow said as we walked in.
‘’I haven’t been here since before Regina's curse’’I heard Snow said. I started looking around but saw nothing. Just dirt and rocks that made the cell.
‘’The squid ink, its not here’’Aurora said.
‘’Gold said we would find it’’Snow said. I started looking in between the rocks.’
’'It has to be here somewhere’’I said
‘’Was there anyone else in here with him? Could they have taken the ink?’’Mulan asked
‘’No. Visitors were forbidden. It was to dangerous to have human contact’’
‘’How did he keep from going crazy’’Emma asked
‘’He didn’t’’Aurora said. I stopped looking in the rocks and looked at Aurora and I walked closer to them and I  looked at a piece of paper. Emma's name written all over the scroll. It was a long scroll too.
‘’Okay, that’s not weird’’I said
Snow, Mulan, Aurora and I were looking in between rocks looking for the ink and Emma was looking at the scroll, sitting on the floor. I placed my foot on the wall and pulled myself  a little higher.
‘’What dose this mean?’’Emma asked
‘’He was obsessed with you Emma, you were the key to breaking the curse.’’Snow said
I got back down on the ground. God, i'm so frustrated!
‘’We’ve looked everywhere. There's no ink in this cell’’Aurora said
‘’There has to be. He told David’’Snow said.
I crouched down looking in the pile of rocks at my feet. I slid the rocks over as i searched in them.
‘’You were in a netherworld. Maybe something got lost in translation’’Emma suggested
‘’No, she heard right’’
I looked at Mulan and saw that she had a  small jar. I walked over to her.
‘’You found it’’Snow exclaimed.
‘’In a matter of speaking. There was ink in this cell’’
My hope went away at seeing the jar with nothing in it.
‘’Damn it’’I said running my fingers threw my long hair and stepping out of the cell. Then I heard something slam and I saw Aurora had thrown a rock at the gate leaver making it go down. I went to run over but I felt arms go around my waist and I saw a Killian.
‘’Killian, what the hell?’’I asked.
‘’Helping me’’Cora said. I saw her to go over to the cell gate and then the compass was telaportended to her hand instead of Emma's. I thrashed in Killian's arms, but it was no use. His grip was to right.
‘’Don’t fight love’’he said in my ear. I looked back at him, glaring hard.
‘’No’’Emma pushed the bars trying to get out.
‘’don’t waste your energy dear. Rumpelstiltskin himself couldn’t escape from this cell’’Cora said. I glared at the back of her head. That bitch!
‘’Thank you Aurora. We could have don’t it without you’’Cora said. Wait she was working with Cora!
‘’How could you?’'Snow asked.
‘’Don’t blame her. she was only doing what she was told’’Cora said reveling a heart, Aurora's heart.
‘’You took her heart?’’Emma asked
‘’Actually I did. It was a gift’’Killian said.
I trusted him and he did this! Aurora started crying out in pain. Cora was squishing her heart
‘’Stop!’’I said thrashing in Killian's arms but he was to strong.
‘’Forgive us. We would love to stay.  But Storybrook awaits’’
We started walking, okay more like Killian was dragging me.
‘’Let Rose go!’’Snow yelled.
‘’Sorry no can do. I'm not leaving without her’’Killian said
''Let her go!’’Emma yelled beating on the cell bars. Killian threw me over his shoulder and we started walking.
‘’No!’’I heard Snow shout and then they were gone.
‘’Let me go you bastard!’’I yelled and started hitting his back.
‘’Stop screaming before I put a spell on you to shut your mouth’’Cora said forcefully and I sighed and stopped. It was no use, I wasn’t getting out of this. I had trusted Killian and this is what happened. He was never like this. Was it my fault? Was my betrayal enough to turn him like this. Make him into a vengeful bastard? I knew was already vengeful barbecue of Milah, but i guess i have never seen a horrible side to him. Is every guy i have feelings for going to have some evil side to him? This is all I was thinking on the way to where ever the hell we were going.
‘’I'm sorry I had to do this but I couldn’t leave without you’’Killian said. I scoffed
‘’I thought you hated me. For what I did to you’’
He let me down and held my hand tight so I wouldn’t run away and we kept walking.
‘’I used to hate you, well not hate I could never hate you but like you said the other day. Pan made you do it, those weren't your words’’
‘’Still I didn’t have to do that, I wanted to keep you safe and I turned you into this.’’
‘’Into what?’’he asked and we stopped walking. Cora was ahead of us, not realizing we had stropped. I sighed and ran my fingers threw my hair.
‘’I turned you into what your nickname was. Hook.’’
‘’That was the man that I was before I met you and you changed me. Made me see another side to things’’
‘’And then I changed you back. This is what you are Killian, you live up to your nickname. Because of you I wont see my sister or my niece ever again. Cora will destroy Storybroke and hurt my friends and family over there. I cant believe I actually trusted you.’’
I walked off, ripping my hand from Killian's and walked towards Cora. I could have run but I knew one of them would catch me. I had no were to run anyways. I dint know how to get back to the castle. I didn’t know this land as well as I knew Neverland. I had caught up to Cora and so had Killian.
‘’Where are we going?’’ Killian asked. I crossed my arms.
‘’Lake Nesto. The legends said that these waters would have the power to restore what was lost. It will return magic to what remains of this wardrobe and then we will be able to cross worlds’’
We stopped walking and looked out at this lake, well the sand. The lake was gone.
‘’You know, i'm pretty sure lakes have water, and by the looks of it, there is no water’’I said
She looked at me and glared before looking at the remains of the lake and waved her hand,. Water started spewing out of the ground. Great.

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