Xiumin- Morning sex

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I woke up when I felt something went inside me. I opened my eyes and saw My Baby Baozi

Xiumin: Morning tight pussy

Me: Morning Big Dick, Mohae?

Xiumin: Fucking my girlfriend

Me: Isn't it too early?

Xiumin: Aniya, jebal? Jagi?

He gave me kisses on my face...

Xiumin: Pls?

Me: Mmmm.... okay, I've been craving for you inside me anyways

Xiumin: Jinja? Then I'm gonna fuck you till this baby will not miss me

Me: Too bad I'll never stop missing you

Xiumin: Then I'll gonna have to fuck you all the time

He smiled and thrusted in me

Xiumin: Jagi, you're so tight... looks like I did not fuck you for a very long time

Me: Ne Jagi, it's been 2 months

Xiumin: Mianhe, I was busy those tumes... I promise I will pleasure you every time I can... I will find a way to fullfill your needs

Me: Kamsamnida Jagi

He thrusted faster in me

Me: Harder daddy! Harder!

Xiumin: You have to ask daddy for it baby

Me: Pls Daddy, fuck my tught little pussy

Xiumin: Good

He thrusted faster and faster.... he came in me after 25 minutes

Me: That's a lot oppa... seems like you hadn't let out for a long time too

Xiumin: Ne... bogo shipda

Me: Nado

He fucked me again... we fucked the whole morning

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