32-Rehearsal dinner

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Fatima p.o.v

Yesterday was such a fun day me and the girls had a girls night out. Today is the rehearsal dinner and tomorrow is the wedding I can't believe it's finally here. Louis and the guys are getting ready in Harry's room me and the girls are getting ready in Diana's room her and Harry have hung out a lot mostly because she's the maid in honor and Harry is the best man.

"Hello future wife" louis says

"Hello future husband"

"I can't wait until our honeymoon" he says

"Can you tell me where we're going" I ask him, he's been keeping it a secret

"That's for me to know and you to find out"

"Ugh fine but anyways you need to hurry up and get to Harry's room"

"Alright bye love you"

"Love you too"

I start putting my makeup and hair stuff in a purse and go to Diana's room

"Hey" I say

"Are you ready" Abby says



"Okay now lets do our hair" Diana says she was wearing cheetah print dress with black heels, Michelle was wearing a floral top with a pink skirt, Julie was wearing a grayish dress with a black jacket, Abby was wearing a red dress, and I was wearing a black and white top with a white skirt. (outfits on the side)

"Okay are we all ready" Diana says

"Yes let's go I hope the boys are ready"

We hurry out and go knock on the boys room

"Hey you guys ready" Diana says

"Yeah" Harry says they all walk out

"wow you guys look hot especially Niall" Michelle say giving Niall a wink

"You look pretty good your self" Niall says giving her another wink

"Okay enough we need to get going"

We all get in the elevator, the floor below us is where the rehearsal dinner is at .


Louis p.o.v

"C'mon lets go say hi to my mum" I say to Fatima

"Okay" we walk towards my mum she was sitting in a table with Lottie, fizzy, Daisy, Phoebe, Doris, Ernest and her boyfriend they're getting married in a month

"Hey mum" I say

"Hey Johanna" Fatima says

"Hey sweetie and hello future mrs Tomlinson" Fatima starts blushing and looks down aw she's so adorable just when I was about to say something Lottie and fizzy take her away I'm glad they get along

"I'm so happy for you louis Fatima is such a nice girl don't loss her"

"I won't mum" I smile at her

"Lou" I hear someone call my name

"I'm be back mum"

"Okay honey"

The person that was calling me was Niall "you called" I ask

"Yes we have a bit of trouble"

"What is it"

"There's fans in the lobby nobody can get out"

"Well call Paul and at least make sure nobody gets to this floor"

"Okay I'll look for Paul"



Hey guys I know it's short really short I'm sorry I have not updated in a loooonnngggg time I had writers block I promise I'll update the next chapter sooner I'm writing it right now so I'll update soon bye. xx

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