"Mhmmm" he hums, tracing his finger over it before going to the small David Bowie lightening bolt on my other one, then to the dainty lettering on my ribs.

All of my tattoos are either words or just fine line black outlines of sentimental things, they aren't bold or big like his but they all hold special memories.

"Been meaning to ask you about them" he says, before flicking his eyes to mine and grinning "Just get distracted around you"

I roll my eyes, and he looks at the words on my ribs "D.R.E.A.M" he wonders "What's that stand for?"

I press my lips together to try and hide my smile before I mumble "Dogs Rule Everything Around Me"

Harry barks out a laugh as his face lights up, staring at me and back to the tattoo "Of course that's what it fucking means, that's perfect"

I just smile back at him, enjoying how bright his face looks when he smiles like that, he's beautiful, I wish he could always have the boyish joy on his face.

He glances his eyes around my torso, and looks back to me "They're cute, like you. I know you've got more" he says raising a brow "But you're gonna have to tell me about them another time"

"Why's that?" I ask, sucking in a breath when his fingers traces down between my hips to my pubic bone, tickling his fingers around the delicate hairs there before ghosting them over my heat.

He tilts his head, wetting his lips before he raises his brows "Because I'm distracted again"

My mouth parts, as I pant out a breath when he drags his fingers up and down my heat, collecting and feeling the moisture that's pooled there because of him.

He keeps his eyes on my face, watching my reflexes before pulling his fingers away "You know what else I like Abby?"

"What?" I ask with a shallow sigh, thinking about how amazed I would be with myself months ago that I manage to somewhat keep up conversations with him during moments like these now.

I'm still awful at it, but I'm getting better.

He brings his fingers to his lips, darting his tongue out to swirl around them before sucking them into his mouth, treating them like a damn lollipop before slowly sliding them out of his puckered cherry lips.

I am not okay right now.

"The way you taste" he hums in satisfaction "If I was on death row and had to pick my last meal, this would be it and trust me when I say I'd die happy"

My cheeks are flushing deeper as the blood in my body rushes to them, my heart beating tirelessly trying to direct it to all the areas it's trying to flood to in my body.

I grip hold of the sheets on the bed, feeling like I'm about to fall off the face of the earth at this moment, the love in my veins and the ache in my core are wreaking havoc on every sense I have.

His dimple pops in his cheek to show a lopsided approval on his lips over how I'm reacting, and he moves his pointer and middle fingers back between my legs, dancing a slow circular pattern over my sensitivity that makes my back arch before tracing them down between my folds to my entrance, his mouth dropping open as he let's out a low groan when he slowly slides them inside.

I match his expression, my brows creasing in pleasure as I pant out a moan, watching the muscles in his bicep and forearm tense as he massages his fingers against my front wall.

"I wish I could tell you how good you feel, I can't even describe what it does to me, like doesn't even come close to explaining it" he says thickly, sucking his lower lip under his teeth and releasing it with a hiss when he feels my muscles contract and hug around his fingers.

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