Harry shuffles off of me, leaning up on his elbow, on his side next to me, and smooths his hand over my sternum and stomach.

"I have a lot of things I like about you" he says, watching my face, trailing his finger between my breasts, up to my neck and I just listen to him, watching his face wondering where he's going with this.

He brings his finger up to trace over my lips "I like these, they're soft and they're one of the things I couldn't stop thinking about when I first saw you"

I smile against his finger before he pulls it away and presses a kiss to them, and leans back again.

"I like these too" he says, stroking the pad of his finger on my cheek under my eye "Those eyes, felt like I was punched in the stomach first time you looked at me, couldn't get them out of my mind. I like the way you see things - and I really like the feeling I get, the way you look at me with them, feels amazing"

My heart is jumping with each word, and he has so much adoration and emotion in his eyes, it's swelling my own emotions in my throat.

He brings his finger up to tap my temple and smiles "And I can't get enough of this, you're quirky and weird, funny, devious and innocent - so smart and somehow so oblivious at the same time sometimes, but I wouldn't change a single thing - you fascinate me with it, always have"

I bite on my lip as I swallow harshly, trying to push down the lump in my throat. He's such a gentle soul and so unaware of it, he's so wrapped up in the violence and darkness he's been surrounded by he can't see that he's the light in it.

Violence isn't his nature, it was his nurture and I wish he could understand that.

He leans his face down capturing my lips with his as he kisses me softly, slowly pulling himself back up to hover over me as he slots between my legs, before kissing a trail down my jaw to me neck, spending his time nipping and sucking at spots before he moves to my collar bone.

My body is tingling in rhythm with my heart, it's an overpowering feeling, your body and emotions being stimulated so fiercely.

He drags his lips down to my chest, humming to himself "And this body" he starts, sliding a hand to my hip to palm it as he moves his lip to the swell of my breast, leaving hot brandings of kisses around it before moving to the other "Had me dizzy as soon as I saw it, wanted to worship every curve, freckle, every inch - had me weak Abby" he murmurs against my skin before swirling his tongue around my pebbled nipple, sucking it into his mouth and making my breath catch in my throat.

He pulls his mouth away, shuffling down as he ghost his lips down my sternum and I watch as the brown mop on curls goes down my body to my stomach, feeling like my body is a thousand degrees and my feelings are flaming it.

"But what I like most about it, is that it belongs to you - that's what makes it so special to me" he says thoughtfully, sounding distracted by his own lips.

It's taking every ounce of my strength not to cry, I'm not sure if Harry would understand the concept of crying because you were that fucking happy you're emotions melted and drained from your eyes, but god he's fucking pushing me to it.

He pauses his lips near my hip, pulling his face back, looking at it fondly and tapping his finger to it "I like these too" he says, gesturing to the small bumble bee tattoo on my hip.

"You do?" I ask, trying to keep my voice from showing just how god damn wrecked he has me right now.

He's never mentioned any of my tattoos, but then again I forget they're there half the time too, they're so small and unnoticeable in comparison to the plethora that he has, not to mention everyone he's around, the small few ones I have seem like nothing in comparison to the full body and face tattoos he's surrounded by.

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