Chapter 64.

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"So girl you're worth it
The way you work it
You deserve it
I can tell you"


Well I guess I'm going to be dead at work tomorrow, but staring up at those green eyes I can't find myself minding at all.

There's something so soft and comforting surrounding us at the moment, and whilst there's that tension in the room between us, it's not the usual sparking fire crackling kind, it's like the tension from a constricting hug, it's warm and loving, and while it's different I'm finding it just as intoxicating.

Harry leans back onto his knees as he looks down at me, taking the material of my shirt and tugging it up until I lift my arms and he pulls it up over my body, till I'm left in just my underpants.

I don't feel the need to shy away from him, when I'm naked now, the way he looks at me still makes me squirm but at the same time, the way he looks at me makes me feel confident, how he just looks like I'm the most incredible thing he's ever seen.

I know that look, because it's how I look at him too.

Harry traces his eyes over my bare torso, running his humid hands up my thighs until he hooks his fingers into the fabric of my underwear, shuffling himself back to slide them down my legs, before tossing them behind me, giving me a cheeky lopsided smile.

"Thank god they're gone, they're a bloody nuisance"

I roll my eyes, smiling as I give him a sarcastic look "You're a bloody nuisance"

He crawls back over me, resting on his knees between my legs with his elbows next to my shoulders "Mmmmm you love it though" he muses smugly, pecking my lips.

My stomach tightens at those words, and I have no idea what I should say to that, I know he doesn't realise how true that statement really was, even if he was just teasing.

I do love it Harry, because I love you, and I have no idea if you'll ever be in a place where I could tell you that.

Harry notices the strange look on my face, quirking his brows "You okay?"

I wipe the thought from my mind, giving him a small smile "M'fine, it's just been a long day"

He gives me a disbelieving look, but thankfully decides not to push it.

He looks over my face, creasing his brows "I don't like the things your mum said to you"

"I know, I didn't like them either" I tell him, running my fingers over his lower back.

He looks at me seriously "You don't believe her you do you? What she says about you?"

I chew on my lip, shrugging my shoulders "Not as much as I used to"

Harry shakes his head, frowning "No that's not good enough, you shouldn't believe them at all, what she said isn't true"

I look between Harrys eyes, feeling my heart clench and swell at the same time "Sometimes it's hard not to believe things you've been told your whole life, even if they're lies"

Harry pauses, knowing I'm not just talking about myself and presses his lips together and sighs.

"Well, I wanna show you, all the things I like about you - I like you just the way you are" he says, looking determined but also sad, I think he knew I wasn't confident, that I let people tell me who to be, but I don't think he realised that he wasn't the only one that believed terrible things about themselves.

I keep those things to myself, I'm usually too worried about other people and making them feel good, I'm a lot better now though, and Harry is a big part of the reason why.

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