The Beginning

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Katrina's POV

When I looked back, even a month later, I found I had only scattered memories of the next few days. It was as though I had been through too much to take in any more. The recollections I did have were very painful. The worst, perhaps, was the meeting with the Diggorys that took place the following morning.

They did not blame me for what had happened; on the contrary, both thanked Harry and I for making sure Cedric made it back to them. Apparently they were all going into hiding,
which was the worst part. It would be a long time, possibly never, until I could see him again or even contact him. I understood the reason behind their decision, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to miss him!

I seized the sacks of gold on the bedside table. I know Harry didn't want his and I certainly didn't want mine either.

"You take this," I muttered to Mrs. Diggory. "It should've been Cedric's, he got there first, you take it -"

But she backed away from me

"Oh no, it's yours, dear, I couldn' two keep it."


I returned to my room the following evening.

From what Hermione and Ron told Harry and I, my grandfather had spoken to the school that morning at breakfast. He had merely requested that they leave Harry and I alone, that nobody ask us questions or badger us to tell the story of what had happened in the maze. Most people, I noticed, were avoiding us.

I found I didn't care very much. I liked it best when I was with Harry, Ron and Hermione and we were talking about other things.

The only person apart from Harry, Ron and Hermione that I felt able to talk to was Hagrid. As there was no longer a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, we had those lessons free. We used the one on Thursday afternoon to go down and visit Hagrid in his cabin.

He told us how he had finally made up with Maxime and that they had been given a job by my grandfather for the summer. He wouldn't say what it was, but I could guess that it involved giants.

After an evening with Hagrid, my friends went down to the feast but I didn't have the energy to join them. I went back up to my room and focused on finding a way to approach my grandfather with what I wanted to talk to him about. Once everyone had left the castle, I was finally going to get some answers regarding this ridiculous idea that Voldemort was my real father.

I knew I was being silly even to entertain the idea that such a notion could have even the slightest truth to it, but I just had to know for sure. 


It was with a heavy heart that I helped Harry pack his trunk up in the dormitory on the night before his return to Privet Drive. Now that my relation to Dumbledore was out, he was finally letting me stay at Hogwarts for the summer. I was both excited and extremely nervous and sad to see Harry go.

I smirked as I saw Hermione tucking a jar into her bag She had explained to me how she had managed to catch Rita Skeeter; who had apparently been illegally transforming into a beetle - as an unregistered animagi.

I shook hands with Krum - who I had heard tell Hermione to keep in contact.

I followed my friends in the carriages that would take them to the Hogsmead Station. Before I headed back to the station, I handed Harry my share of the Triwizard Tournament winnings and suggested that he give it to the Twins who had been talking nonstop lately about wanting to open up a Joke Shop. I had a feeling that everyone was going to be in need for a laugh with the direction things were going.

I helped Hermione onto the train and waved goodbye to my friends before making my way to my grandfather's office, determined to get some answers.


In-line Comments

- Omg Year 4 is finally complete! Hope you guys liked it! Stay tuned for the start of Year 5! Havent decided if I'm going to make it it's own book as well or just add it to the compilation version. If anyone has a preference for one or the other let me know!

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