Chapter 4

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*Sakshi pov*

I woke up with the rays of sunlight falling on my eyes. I looked around and saw that Rakesh was sleeping on the sofa.

Let me tell you he is completely uncomfortable. I glanced at the clock and saw that it's only 6am. Anyway I can't sleep again so i got up and covered him with blanket.

In the washroom after getting ready I did my mental speech. Yes worst things happened yesterday but we need to move on. So first i will fulfill my duties in this home. Emotionally I don't know it will take time.

With that thought I went downstairs and saw that aunty just came from her room. I wished her good morning and we both went inside the kitchen.

She asked me to make bed coffee for Rakesh and I asked her how he would like, she got happy about that and told me the type of coffee he likes.

I nodded and made it and told her I will take this to him.

I entered our room and saw that he is still sleeping and its only 7am too but aunty said he wakes up every day at 6 so I went near him and shook him.

He suddenly got up and looked confused towards me then I showed him his coffee and handed it to him.

He took it and asked "Did you had yours?"

I just nodded and stood there after few minutes he said "I am extremely sorry Sakshi. You don't know how stupid i am feeling. I should have talked to you first without jumping into the conclusions. But we can't change what happened right. I am promising you that I truly will be there for you even as a friend, my loyalty is with you. And i will wait for you to forgive me and accept me."

I can't say anything but whatever he was saying it felt genuine so ok I will also try to forgive him but it will surely take time. I nodded and started to unpack my clothes.

"This rack is empty you can use that and I will go and change. You need to go to your parents home today right for ritual I will drop you." He told me and went to change.

I just stood there now I have to stay with them for this whole day. God give me strength to not break down.

After unpacking my bags, Rakesh was also ready so we both got down and ate the breakfast.

Today as i have to go to my parent's home, aunty told me to cook my first dish next day.

We both got in his car and he drove me to my home. Reaching there I took a deep breath and got down from the car.

When we pressed the calling bell my mom opened the door and welcomed us in.

We both took our blessings from them and for few minutes’ dad and Rakesh talked about the matters I don't know obviously.

Rakesh left after some time. My dad and mom were going to talk to me; I just calmly went inside my bedroom and locked myself.

I sat on my bed smiling and refreshing my old memories from here. I didn't even ate lunch with them. When they called me I just said that i am not hungry in whisper and stayed in my room.

At evening Rakesh arrived, we calmly left after that. But he didn't take me to his house, he turned different lane and stopped before a small restaurant.

I looked at him curiously why did he stopped here then he said "I know you would have not eaten lunch at your home so i brought here for you to eat something."

I was happy that he thought about me so i smiled at him.

He was shocked would be an understatement. I walked inside but he just stood there, i gestured him to come then he moved.

After eating, we went to his house. Aunty and Uncle asked how was it to go again to my place did I enjoyed. I just nodded.

After dinner, we all went to our respective rooms.

We both changed into comfortable clothes and Rakesh suddenly turned towards me and said "Thanks for smiling and you look beautiful while doing it."

Because of which I smiled again, he too smiled and took the pillow and was about to go to the sofa.

"You can sleep on the bed itself, it is too big bed. And this is not some typical soap operas right so you need not to sleep there." I told him.

He looked at me and asked "Please tell me you are not a fan for those."

I smiled and said "Not much. Don't worry I watch them mostly occasionally."

He smiled and lay down on the bed and I too followed the suite. We both slept at either side of the bed.

It felt good to smile today after yesterday events. May be everyday get's better and better............ 

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