Suiran Academy

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Months past by since I scolded the two great masters. Really, I can't believe I did that.

It hurts their man-ego, you know. Especially that they're two great and rich young masters. Good thing they didn't get angry or else I'm dead, wait, what if they're angry but they just hid it?

Oh dear. What should I do?

Oof. Hey! What's this heavy and tickly thing in my shoulder?!

"Oh my, so cute."

I look at my mother as her sweet voice sounded.

"Ufufufu, it really suits you, dear. Oh! Wait, wait, I gotta tell this to those ladies. Fufufu,"

Before I know it, mother disappeared.

Ookay? Now what is this heavy thing?!

Looking at my side where a wall size mirror is, I saw a little girl in the age of 5-6 wearing a blue dress with sleeves that stops above the knee that was sewed with white laces, and a white handcuffs with a golden button. On the top was adorned with golden button that went down horizontally to the waist and a white collar that was tied with red ribbon.

This is Suiran Academy's elementary uniform. But what caught my attention was the big cape on my shoulders. It is a perfect royal blue that was big enough to cover the half of my back with a golden thread in the edges while the collar was sewed with a white fur.

Oh dear~ don't I look cute?

But seriously, why does mother keep curling my hair? Everyday. Everytime.

Also, I'm just a child you know! Don't keep putting chemicals in my beloved hair! Yeah, like I can yell that.

I look like I came from the rococo era. The Rococo Queen. Fufufu.

Oh Ari~ don't flatter yourself.

Queen? Yes, queen. And that will also be the reason why I have to protect my future, to avoid destruction.


"Ojou-sama, if you keep smiling to yourself you'll be late for school."

Fixing my expression, I sweetly smiled and turn to look at my maid.

"Ara~ara~ fufufu."

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