Too Late

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"Ara-ara. Kaburagi-sama and Tonoiun-sama. Gokigenyoh."

I stood from my seat, turn around the table, and slightly bow at the two boys. Hmm~ I'm angry right now, you know.

Ara? Looks like they finally notice me. Okay, control your anger Ari and smile.

"Who are you?" Sora-sama's cold voice answered my greetings.

"Ara-ara. Sorry, that was rude of me, I am Ariadnna Edelfelt. It's a pleasure to meet you." I slightly bow and sweetly smile.

Hmm~ that's good. They finally stop fighting.

"Oh. Nozomi obaa-sama's daughter. So? What do you want? And why are you dirty? So unsightly."

Oh? Good. Very good.

I feel my anger starting to rise again and I feel like my forehead's pulse ready to burst.

"Ara? Kaburagi-sama isn't aware of what you've done? Fighting so childishly." I smiled sweetly.

I saw him frowned and confusion was evident in his eyes. Also, Haruto-sama who was watching us quietly, frown.

Oh? Did you get hurt from 'fighting so childishly'?

"Tonoiun-sama and Kaburagi-sama fighting is good as usual but involving uninvolved party is not good."

They frowned further. That's good. Get your cute and handsome faces darkened to the point of getting ugly, hmph.

"They nearly got scalded." I smiled slightly, looking helpless.

Now, confusion was highly evident in their eyes, until I saw Haruto-sama's cold eyes widened and look at my dirtied skirt.

"That's right, Tonoiun-sama. You involved uninvolved parties and nearly got an accident, what will you do? Really. So childish. It gives your manly charm to decrease."

I saw how his forehead wrinkled and Sora-sama's holding laughter.

"The same goes for you, Kaburagi-sama. The Kaburagi Conglomerate's heir is so arrogant which is natural but his childishness is a bit bad, don't you think?"

He stopped laughing and frown at me. Fufufu, please I'm pretty angry right now.

"I nearly got scalded, good thing my drink's not so hot."

Just as I was about to walk back to my seat. A ladies voices stop me from my track.

"Who? Who got scalded?"

I look at my mother with her two best friends who have both worried looks.

"No. It's not---"

I was surprised when two voices cut me.

"Her. We accidentally spill her drink to her dress."

I look at Tonoiun-sama in shock. Woah, I can't believe he admit his mistakes.

"Yeah. We knock the table and almost scalded her."

Another shock. Kaburagi-sama agreed to Tonoiun-sama?!

I gaze at the window, is the sun rising from the west?!

I look back. Looking at the boys, I now agree, they really deserve to be called great masters. Admitting ones mistake is hard as pride depends on it.

"What?!" Obaa-sama's shocked voices sounded.

I don't know if it's a shock because the two boys agreed of one thing or because of anger. I don't know what their anger is about though.

"Oh my! Ari-chan, are you okay? Does it hurt?"

Mother rushly came to my side and check my whole body.
I can feel my heart warm up as I let out a sincere smile. Having a mother is great.

"I'm fine, okaa-sama. And it's an accident, Kaburagi-sama and Tonoiun-sama didn't mean it."


"I didn't get scalded. My drink's not so hot."

That's good. That's good. She finally let out a sigh of relief.

Wait, something is off...

Ara? Ara-ara?

Did I just scold the two great masters?

Oh my! Did I just trigger my death flag?!

Am I too late?!

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